Video: BlackBerry 8320, when WiFi adds absolutely nothing to the user experience

EDGE vs WiFi, common sense dictates one blows the other out of the water in terms of bandwidth. Is this really the case in the recently launched BlackBerry 8320 on T-Mobile? Boy Genius finds out:

Update: Video after the jump, it breaks our tables 😉

[Full specifications of the 8320]

  • robj

    you arent going to be able to test the speeds of each device correctly because each network has different routes to the site.. where as edge could go through an at&t backbone to whatever site your cablemodem maybe going through a whole other series of ip’s..

  • Rich

    your wrong. MY blackberry curve with UMA wifi works WAY FASTER than any ATT edge. so something with your router is “fucked up”. the bb with wifi on TMO is amazingly fast.

  • Charles

    Wi-Fi actually adds a lot to this phone when used in conjunction with the Hotspot@Home program from T-mobile. This feature costs $19.95 (or $9.95 if you read some threads on and it allows you to make all calls via VOIP instead of through Cell towers.

    I have very poor cell coverage in my home, but with Hotspot@Home, I can make calls from home very nicely. Audio quality is always great and all calls, both national and International are completely free.

    Frankly, I think that’s a HUGE benefit. I’m on my phone for business almost 8 hours per day using it via this UMA connection.

    Now, in terms of Internet surfing speed, you won’t see much of a different, but again, the real benefit is using VOIP to make calls, not Internet surfing.

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