Nokia N95-3 launch in 7-10 days – the US version of the Nokia N95 is almost here!

Nokia N95-3 US version of N95We can’t wait for the US-spec Nokia N95 (the Nokia N95-3) to finally hit Yankee shores with its support for US-friendly 3G frequencies. With the Nokia N95-3 having recently passed through the FCC’s testing labs, the official launch of the device is imminent. The question is, just how imminent?

Well, Engadget Mobile‘s sleuthing (by which we mean a phone call to a store manager) revealed that the N95-3 is just 7-10 days away! Nokia’s flagship stores are expecting to accept shipments of the 850/1900Mhz HSDPA-compatible Nokia N95 in the 7 to 10 days.

If you’re planning on pulling the trigger on one a US-friendly 3G N95, you’d better get that $699 (don’t forget tax) ready soon!
[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Nick

    Yeees thats awsome good news 😀

  • Will Park

    It sure is! We’ll keep you guys posted! 😀

  • William

    Will see how it will compete with iPhone.

  • Dude

    Yeah William ,I dont only think but know it blow iphone away from spotlight.

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