VoIP coming to the iPhone – TruPhone brings SIP to iPhone

TruPhone VoIP solution for iPhoneGetting SIP-compatible VoIP to work seamlessly on the iPhone is about to become a reality. Blognation got a chance to play with a barely-alpha release of TruPhone’s VoIP application for the iPhone, and it looks quite promising.

TruPhone envisions a world where mobile phone users will be able to seamlessly switch between VoIP and SIM-based calls on a whim (WiFi connection required, of course), and the company is hard at work developing their beta solution for the iPhone. As of now, the TruPhone VoIP solution requires the use of Terminal commands via the iPhone to use the iPhone’s SIP-stack to make phone calls through WiFi rather than the SIM card – but we’re hoping that future version will make the whole process a little more user-friendly.

SIM-unlocking the iPhone is not required to use TruPhone’s VoIP solution, and the company says they plan to release a beta in 4 weeks. We’re expecting the beta application to simplify the activation process and support seamless switching between WiFi and SIM.

Bring it on, TruPhone! We can’t wait to save our wireless minutes at home or near a WiFi hotspot – watch out T-Mobile.

[Via: Blognation]

  • KaKa-Spi

    it looks beautiful but there is just one proble with this phone … & its non Removable Memory. Just Intigrated 4/8GB Memory. In other words you can say its not user friendly coz all users not related to IT & how they will move & remove there date from iPhone to PC or PC to iPhone. Battery Time is Good.

    What means by Bluetooth headset support only.? It have WiFi802.11b/g WLAN, Does it have SIP Facility? as its coming in Nokia E-Series.

  • ica

    I dont see it support Iphone on their website. where do you get this information?

  • Jason

    Yes, my Nokia E71 has SIP built in, so I do not have to install a special client. It is VERY nice. I was really hoping there was an existing app for the iphone so my wife could try it out.

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