Freeware of the day: TouchPal virtual keyboard for Windows Mobile

TouchPal virtual keyboard for Windows Mobile

There’s a new iPhone-like virtual keyboard for Windows Mobile devices called TouchPal. However, the main difference from the iPhone’s keyboard is that CooTek — the company that developed TouchPal — uses ROKR-style two-letter-keys for their solution. That being said, I find TouchPal being something in between iPhone’s virtual and BlackBerry’s or Sony Ericsson’s two-letter-keys keypad. In addition, TouchPal also uses the predictive text technology for faster typing.

And now the best thing. It’s available as a free download before December 8, 2007 and it will work on all touchscreen enabled Windows Mobile devices (OS version 5 and 6) with QVGA or VGA screens!

Sounds good to be true? Check out TouchPal demo video after the jump.

[Via: MobilityToday]

  • Buick

    That looks really good. I’m gonna have to try it on my HTC Mogul. 😀

  • Rajesh

    Its one of the best keyboard software in the years to follow, in India still IPHONE is not yet released so not aware by their keyboard software and with htc-touch it is far better than the HTC-virtual keyboard wch they have released.
    TOUCHPAL is much more superior and ahead with its time with T-technology to follow they have the best in them and the best and most important part is that this software is given free.

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