• greenteeth

    I think the highlight of the video is when you chuckle after the sparkle in the models eye. lol…… all I can say is…when???

  • William

    Finally we got it. Suppose this going to be next S60 version to support it.

  • Topy

    Great! Damn you are fas Stef 🙂
    Couple of important notes
    -haptic feedback support
    -full support for existing S60 apps (weee!)
    -support for kinetic and light sensors (with Symbian 9.5 I guess, as it already supports that)
    -a new toolkit for creating animated, modern UI’s
    -full Flash support!

  • Alexandr3

    stefan, do you know anything about “how will java apps work on this?”

    Thanks for any enlightment

  • Andrew

    It doesn’t bother me having several buttons at the bottom whereas the iPhone only had one, I guess it’s necessary to keep it compatible with the existing Symbian apps, but I’d much rather have a phone that doesn’t need a stylus at all, iPhone’s proven it can be done.

  • jthousand

    I would love to have the ability to choose touch vs. non touch on one device. I’m not a huge fan of the touchscreen interface, and that microscopic keyboard has me nervous.

  • Barry

    Good stuff so far, but i wonder if they will still gimp the hardware with very limited ram. To run this as smoothly as it should be, the device will need generous resources.

    Fast job Stefan, but i guess Rafe’s laptop was very handy. Should have taken it from you via microsd swap.

  • Abdullah

    Apple and iPhone, here we come!

  • Alexandr3

    @jthousand: non-TS phone will still exist.

    @Andrew: well you can only use your fingus and forget about the sylus 🙂 If you’re worried about the small keyboard, well since ths device wil be open to anything, I would be surprised if a 3rd party solution wouldn’t appear to make bigger keyboards amongst many other solutions.

  • jthousand

    @Alexandr3: I’ve used touchscreen devices for a long time on Winmo and the programs that were intended to make the keyboard bigger used up all of the screen real estate. This made the whole user experience suffer.

  • R2

    Hey, that’s Porvoo in most of the scenes! 😯

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