Sprint announces CDMA HTC Touch as the Sprint Touch

Sprint Touch announced for November 4 - HTC VogueSo, it looks like Sprint will be picking up the CDMA version of the HTC Touch (also known as the HTC Vogue) as the, wait for it… Sprint Touch. Touchscreens are the next big thing (cough…told you so…cough), and Sprint’s cashing in on the action. With a 2 megapixel camera, 400Mhz processor, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, 3G (EVDO Rev. A, of course), microSD card slot, and that awesome TouchFLO-based Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional OS, Sprint is certainly cashing-in in a big way.

We expected the Sprint Touch in late-2007, and it looks like the November 4 launch is right on schedule. Sprint’s music, video and on-demand services will be available on the Sprint Touch for $250 (after rebate and 2 year contract). Sign up on Sprint’s website to be notified when the Sprint Touch is in stock.


  • GoPaulTech

    Oh yeah this one is going to rock on Sprint just because of the EVDO and TouchFLO.

    A good price so I guess will be a success.

  • cliff

    i’m on mine now. it’d be a nice phone if sprint didn’t suck. tv doesn’t work can’t send MMS. totally dissatisfied.

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