• Andrew

    I was looking round the related videos from that YouTube post and I’m happy to see in another part of the presentation they described a ‘UI Accelerator Toolkit for S60’. I’m hoping that means that Symbian will no longer stumble from one screen to the next.

  • Symbianworld

    Really cool video. I’m looking forward to see the first devices in beginning of 2008.

    I love this song 😉

  • Dead Johny

    ❗ Wouh ❗ Phone looks awesome, but i wonder how much mp camera and is it possible to see a xenon flash? Though the camera looks very similar to N95’s 😛

  • Booster

    Yeah awsome cool and I belive 5MP and roumers say Nokia launch xenon flash already in 2 november with new N82 :mrgreen:

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