AT&T caters to the Sexagenarian set with new rate-plan

AT&T announces lower-priced rate-plans for seniorsSeniors get discounts for almost everything – movie theaters, restaurants, car insurance…you get the point. Now it seems AT&T is catering to the Sexagenarian set – that’s the 60-something year-old set, it has nothing to do with bedroom behavior (you perv). As our aging population grows, there’s a substantial market in simpler phones and lighter-weight rate-plans.

AT&T has just announced their “Senior Nation 200” rate-plan for those that have at least 6 decades of genuine “experience.” Senior-citizens can expect 200 anytime minutes, 500 night/weekend minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes for just $30 a month. It’s a lightweight rate-plan, to be sure, but the plan is touted as the perfect offering for seniors that don’t talk a lot during the day or call off-network numbers (friends and family are most likely to be in AT&T’s mobile-to-mobile network).

Shiesters and scammers beware, AT&T will be verifying your age before allowing you to sign up with this rate-plan.


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