Verizon LG Voyager gets spec’ed out -LG Voyager details are here

Verizon LG VX10000 VoyagerOne of Verizon’s most anticipated handsets this holiday season is the LG Voyager lateral flip-phone. The LG enV successor is poised to take on the iPhone with a huge external touchscreen with haptic-feedback, stereo speakers, and QWERTY-keyboard.

We can’t wait to get this monster in our hands (literally, this thing looks huge), but until Verizon drops the LG Voyager on us, we’ll just have to make do with this spec-sheet (warning: PDF link).

Pricing and availability details are still not available, but you can be sure that we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

[Via: Phonenews]

  • Leo

    Isn’t there a recall on this phone at the moment?

  • Monica

    My voyager continues to turn off and back on by itself. I went to Verizon and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it? They sent me a new phone and I am still having this problem?????? Is anyone else affected by this as well?

    • Caitlin

      My lg voyager turns off and on by itself and doesnt let me send text messages to other people with the content of the message i have gone to verizon too many times i have had three aof the same phone with the same problem i cant see why they cant give a different phone

  • mike

    my voyager randomly turns off too

    • Karen

      Your phone is not randomly turning off. It is wearing itself out by looking for service. Turn it off when you are not in a place with good cell phone coverage.

  • jon

    I use this thing for all its media applications. The old version of the phone (v8) would run 40min long videos without issues; would play hours of music; and took pictures, video, audio notes, etc without an issue. After getting the v9 update, the phone stutters in the mp3 player after getting a phone call or playing a game (to play smoothly I have to reset the device); Mp3s longer than 15min (audio books, Dj mixes, etc) cause the device to reset itself after random play times; Video files don’t play without skipping, or freezing frame and only running audio; and the phone randomly resets or shuts down when on the standard battery… it’s started doing it on the extended battery too. The camera function is drastically slower and the video recording function works only every so often.
    I work with computers all the time and if these same problems were occurring on the computer I would assume the computer was running out of RAM, but as it’s a phone I think it must be software related. The new V9 software has a memory leak or something that clogs the cache of the phone till it shuts off. The problem is, that I use this for an alarm sometimes and because it resets itself or shuts down it has become very unreliable.
    I love the phone’s design and function options, but only if they work. I have full insurance coverage and am going to try to get a replacement device, but if it has the same issues I’m going to be very annoyed.

  • Joe Shmoe

    My LG Voyager turns off randomly also and sometimes the touch screen freezes.

  • Lex

    I HATE THIS STUPID PHONE!! I have had two and they have both broke! I cannot wait to get a new phone!

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