Verizon Wireless: When we say “unlimited data,” we mean 5GB worth of “unlimited data”

Verizon Wireless redefines unlimited data usageHot on the heels of reparations payed to their unfairly terminated data-plan customers and the state of New York, Verizon Wireless has reworked their Terms of Service to specifically outline what they mean by “unlimited data.” By the sounds of it, Verizon’s “unlimited data” verbiage seems to indicate a 5GB monthly data allowance. In other words, your data-plan is “unlimited” until you hit the 5GB limit. Confused yet?You see, Verizon Wireless wants their customers to know that the “unlimited data” plans are intended for mobile use. That means they don’t want you to replace their landline-based broadband solutions with the wireless-flavored EVDO solution – streaming of video/audio and P2P file sharing are out of the question. And, should you exceed the 5GB/month limit on your “unlimited” plan, Verizon will “reduce throughput speeds of any application that would otherwise exceed such speed to a maximum of approximately 200Kbps” – with actual speeds “subject to change.”As long as you aren’t using your mobile phone’s unlimited data plan to stream video or share movies, you should be well within Verizon’s new definition of “unlimited.” But still, be wary of your wireless data consumption. Verizon may just choke your data speeds down to sub-56K modem speeds if you cross that invisible line.[Via: jkOnTheRun]

    • lutzs

      Many german providers use this too and call it “fair use policy” 😆

    • Will Park

      You gotta love how they use the term “fair” 🙄 😆

    • Tim Hodgson

      When will someone in the US bring a class action suit against Verizon for false advertising?

    • No Body

      Get Sprint — when they say “unlimited”, they mean “unlimited”.

      No connection with Sprint other than being a satisfied customer….

    • pseudofinn

      AT&T too… I’ve got unlimited MediaNet- and it’s unlimited. I just got 3.5G in my area, but even before that I’ve pulled over 6 gigs on the EDGE network- that was a hard 6Gigs to choke down, but I’ve done it several times without consequence. Unlimited should be UNLIMITED. In the UK, there are providers that cap you at 250MB and call it unlimited!

      Criminals. Will’s got it right- “fair”… just who does the term apply to??

    • Adam

      This cellphone rocks!! With this new data plan it will be even better! I can’t wait to my my hands in one of them.
      I saw this review video and got amazed about this phone:
      The only thing I miss is VOIP functions.. But that’s not a big problem..
      What’s you guys opinion about this phone?

    • WatchIt

      Comcast has a limit of 250 GB (seriously! huge difference!) and charges less for the service. I just switched today.

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