Sprint considering WiMAX network options

Sprint considering WiMAX optionsIt seems the Sprint/Clearwire alliance that we assumed was a lock is now in question. Sprint is now on the lookout for creative ways to put that ear-marked $5 billion to good use. The WiMAX proponent in the US can still seal the deal and join forces with Clearwire to bring the 3G WiMAX network online in the US by 2008 (like they led us to believe a little while ago), or they could just spin-off the WiMAX unit entirely. In addition to seeking a new CEO, Sprint is considering a straight-up merger with Clearwire – a move that could help solidify their WiMAX stance in the US. Sprint could also just acquire Clearwire entirely or look for another strategic partner to help them build their WiMAX network.

We’ll keep an eye on Sprint’s WiMAX decisions for you guys. We have a feeling that the ailing wireless carrier will be making some moves in the near future – they’ve essentially banked on WiMAX, so we’re expecting Sprint to put that $5 billion to good use.

[Via: WSJ]

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