TAG Heuer add mobile phones to its offering

TAG Heuer add mobile phones to its offeringIf Prada, Armani, Levi’s and Diesel can do it – why wouldn’t TAG Heuer release its own mobile phone as well. Yap, they’re going to…

According to Reuters the famous Swiss watchmaker, part of French luxury goods group LVMH, is working alongside Modelabs (the folks behind Levi’s phone design) to release “a series of luxury mobile phones.” Heard that — not one device but a “series.”

Apparently, TAG fans will have to wait for the second half of next year, when we may see such TAG celebrities as Kimi Raikkonen, Brad Pitt and Tiger Woods suddenly start using new cellphones. Hopefully, we’ll actually see at least a single powerful phone (i.e. smartphone) in the whole series. In the meantime, we can still hope it’s the Rolex that will combine both the beauty AND the features. 😉

[Via: textually.org]

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