Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Mobius event in Amsterdam details an impressive update to WM


Microsoft holds an annual event called Mobis where Windows Mobile enthusiasts from around the world come to get briefed on what is hot, new and even get a sneak preview of what we will be looking forward to in 2008. Windows Mobile 7, code name Photon, was not shown, but an update to Windows Mobile 6 was demonstrated under NDA and it impressed quite a lot of people.

Ryan Block from Engadget said: “Our first impressions: very slick, and has a lot of features that just about any WinMo user will agree is way overdue.”

Judie Lipsett from Gear Diary said: “We saw it running on current hardware, it looked freaking impressive, I want it NOW…and that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

Matt Miller from ZD|Net has a full list of the attendees and links to their respective blogs over at his blog.

All About Symbian’s Rafe Blandford is attending as a super secret spy (grey shirt with glasses) who reports directly to Nigel Clifford, don’t blow his cover. Oh … wait.

  • Ricky

    Haha, I was wondering what Rafe was doing there, though reporting to Nigel makes TOTAL sense.

  • Will Park

    HAHA, you blew his cover! 😆

  • jonnybruha

    He’s not TOO inconspicuous with his N95 camped right on the table!

  • theoldap1

    He has a N95-3 no less.

  • JaXX

    Someone please buy Krosoft a dictionary of “cool term” synonyms.

    “Photon” is the name of QNX’s RTOS graphical layer.

    QNX is a great microkernel OS which you can cut down to your needs and get something with realtime abilities in a cup of bytes… something MS has never been able of (or at least, no car maker or aircraft builder has taken a bet on it for vital functions 🙂 ) Plenty of adsl/cable routers use it, telecom equipment, etc… areas nearly unknown to microsoft.

    … fun, my qtek9100 has been charging for over 3 months now… i just can’t touch it anymore 🙂

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