Is this the first Nokia device with S60 Touch UI? Nah, it’s the Bluetooth GPS module

Is this the first Nokia with S60 Touch UI?

Thorsten from managed to capture a screen from Nokia’s presentation showing the handset maker’s known and one unknown device. It’s only natural to ask – is this the first S60 Touch enabled device? We can’t see any buttons on the surface of the device, so we may be onto something. Or this is just a planned PR stunt from Nokia, to get some media traction. If the latter is the case, kudos to Nokia — you got us all excited! 😉

UPDATE: Nah, it’s just the Nokia LD-4W Bluetooth GPS module. Still, we’ll keep our eyes wide open for first S60 Touch based devices…

  • Radu

    Argh! You guys are too fast! I wanted to answer that… 😆

  • James

    Bah, looks like I was beat to it by a few seconds.

    Great minds think alike, eh? 😉

  • Mike


    I thought the guys writing this blog were supposed to be experts?

    How can you get this wrong?

  • dusanb

    Sorry, my bad. We’ve been tipped and I wanted to hurry to publish the story ASAP. Plus, it’s Friday. 🙂

  • Topy

    I got all bumped up already by reading the title 🙂 Keep rumours coming it’s too silent on Nokia side just no rumours no leaked spy pics nothing 😐

  • Topy

    Btw That shaped(and as slimm)would actually be pretty cool. Thought i would still like to see Aeon.

  • N95

    now THIS really should not be happening to a pro nokia blogger.. ;-))

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