Time magazine does it again; Awards Apple iPhone as the top gadget

Time awards Apple iPhone as the top gadget

Roughly a month ago we saw the Time magazine awarding Apple iPhone with its “Invention of the Year” title. Now they did it again — in their “Top 10 Gadgets” list, iPhone is listed as the number one gadget.

Interesting enough, Palm Centro is the only other mobile phone on the list and holds the fourth position… Yeah, it’s an American thing, hence the N95/N95 8GB is not listed…

  • Counsel

    I have to admit that Time is letting me down…again. The iPhone, for all of its nice GUI, is but a thin client cellphone–done right, mind you, but still…

    I voted against the “thin client” when it was being pushed onto our desktops by Sun and company, and I am fighting against the thin client cellphone now that it is being pushed on us by Apple.

    I want to control what is on my phone and when I can use the apps on my phone (like when I am in an area with no GSM service…).

    What say you?

  • jonnybruha

    Remember when Hitler was Time’s Man of the Year in 1938?

    Me too.

  • Tedious


    Are you claiming that Hitler had no impact on the world? Or that Hitler is a forgotten name, a person that is of no historical reference?

    Or are you just evoking Godwin’s Law and equating something you don’t like with Nazis thereby removing the possibility for rational discussion?

  • Eugene

    “I am fighting against the thin client cellphone now that it is being pushed on us by Apple.”

    Good man. Fighting is , perhaps, too strong a term for not buying, however. In any case the iPhone will not be a thin client next year when an sdk is released for native applications.

  • Chris P

    How lame is that!? I’d be a bit embarassed if I was from ‘The states.

  • John LaMonica

    What part of this phone is made of Liquidmetal?

    Comments anyone

  • jonnybruha

    Let me say it like this. I don’t think we remember Hitler because he was Time’s Man of the Year. 🙄

    My point is that Time has no credibility.

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