T-Mobile BlackBerry 8120 Pearl gets real in February 2008

T-Mobile to launch BlackBerry 8120 Pearl on February 18 2008Following on Sprint, Alltel, and Verizon’s WiFi-equipped BlackBerry 8120 Pearl offerings, the GSM variant of the handset is slated to hit T-Mobile’s network this coming February – with a WiFi radio in place of the GPS module in the 8130. We’re looking for a February 18th launch date, to be exact.

The T-Mobile BlackBerry 8120 Pearl will rock the expected integrated WiFi radio that we saw all those other carriers launch recently. And, as such, the GSM-based BlackBerry 8120 Pearl will feature a revised keyboard and trackball and a microSD card slot to complement its built-in WiFi. Oh, and that WiFi should make this BlackBerry 8120 Pearl a shoe-in for T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home service.

For now, T-Mobile will be cleaning out its BlackBerry 8100 Pearl inventory over this holiday shopping season. It makes sense to move out the old stock before the new shipments start to flow free. Unfortunately, that means that there are going to be a lot of disappointed BlackBerry 8100 Pearl owners out there when they find out that their awesome Christmas gift was pretty much outdated before they even unwrapped it. If only they had been up to date on the info that IntoMobile provided on just this matter

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • zstorez

    Ok….So its Feb 18th today, and No pearl!!! 😯 Everyone has been saying that it was going to launch today but I have called many stores and no go. I also had a tmobile rep I know personally check to see if the warehouse had them in yet and she said that the didn’t. So now when is the 8120 coming out for tmobile!!?? I hate waiting.

  • dx4010

    I agree w/zstorez

    I have also put in sometime yesterday looking for any news of the new blackberry pearl being released….and found none 🙁 . Anybody have an idea whats going on!? or when to expect a new model for the pearl?

  • nelrock

    I was told by a representative on the 18th that he just got the release notice for march … but have not seen the actual phone yet. Does anyone know if the new blackberry2 can be used with hotspot@home?

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