Motorola launching MOTO Ming 2 in Q2 2008

Remember when we said that there were rumblings of Motorola’s Linux-based MOTOMING successor, the Motorola A1600 Ming 2, launching in February of 2008? Right, well, it turns out that the MOTOMING 2 is due out in Q2 of 2008. DigiTimes reports that Inventec has secured the manufacturing contract.

Motorola A1600 Ming 2

Bill Chen, General Manager of Motorola Taiwan’s Mobile Device business has confirmed that the next-gen MOTOMING will be hitting the mainstream later than expected – and in high-end and low-end trim. Both trim-levels are EDGE-only, which is a bit confusing. EDGE on a low-end device makes sense, but on a high-end handset? Hey, if the iPhone can do it, why not a Linux-based smartphone from Motorola?

[Via: DigiTimes]

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