7 pictures of the Nokia N96 leak! This isn’t a render folks, this is real hardware *UPDATE*


All 7 images can be found on my Flickr account below, the images came from Mobile Review. Immediate thoughts are it looks like an N81, but even larger. No specifications are known, but people say it is an N95 in a new shell. That would be a sad shame.

Update: Upon closer examination it looks like it does indeed have a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens and there is a dual LED flash similar to the Nokia 6500 Slide. The pictures of the interface clearer show S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, which isn’t out yet.

Update: How can I forget? personal thanks to Fernando for the email with the news, you rock!

Update: If you have a Jaiku account (I hate Twitter) then join in on the discussion my friends and I are having about the device here.

Update: The person on Mobile Review who originally posted the 7 images linked to his source, this Chinese forum. Now I uploaded a second Flickr set updated the gallery below and the images are higher resolution, but only slight, 650 pixels wide versus 400. There are also 8 images now, not 7.

Update: The device has been announced, more information can be found here.

  • Viipottaja

    Interesting.. what’s the purpose of the dual slider? The stand is also an interesting tweak, could point to it having a TV tuner inside. If it is thinner than N95 and with some additional specs thrown in, I could maybe forgive the N81 inspired overly glossy design.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alessandro

    Ciao Stefan,

    it does look that bad, and the big screen looks really great. Well, let’s see what are the specs!


  • Nikos

    I think it’s something better than the N95. Maybe an FP2 device: there is a middle softkey labeled “Open” like in the latest SDK.

  • jan

    The dual slide is strange indeed, with all media controls already around the d-pad. Maybe this time they integrated the GPS (if any) to be exposed while slid the short way.

    Must say that it looks like the N81’s big brother. Yet still no qwerty… bummer.

  • pseudofinn

    No lens slider, no xenon, glossy as hell, it’s got that same clus’sr’f’k of a keypad that the N81 has…

    I hope this isn’t the N96.

  • Topy

    Rather neutral with this one i have to say. Dual slider is great if they can get it right this time, but i cant say that i’m too happy with the N81 looks.

  • Flavio

    Awesome! I loved the new audio controls!

  • Marc

    “I hate Twitter”..
    ohh the primadonnas of tech sites..preaching preaching.
    shut up already.

  • avikzer

    N91 successor is comming in 2008, N81 wasn’t it.
    this is the one !!!

  • Dreniva

    i dont think nokia manufactures that phone

    if it is even true it could not be N96 it’ll be sumthin like N81i, N83, N78

    i doubt the phone if it is fake or not

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    @Marc: if you don’t like it, then stop reading. i’m sure there are plenty of other blogs out there that come off as less “preachy.”

  • Andrew

    Can’t they make a single N9x phone that doesn’t move in some way? What’s wrong with candybar nowadays? I like the N82 but now FP2’s so close I’m too tempted to see that.

  • Andrew

    And one more thing, why on earth have they gone back to dual-LED flash?

  • luvN96

    Zenon flashes cannot run continuously, LED can. So, dual LED could be use to light video recording.

  • taniya

    Looks Beautiful phone..hope this phone has cool features too โ—

  • NZtechfreak

    Like Pseudo I hope this isn’t the N96, looks more like a successor to the N81 if anything.

    Dual LED Flash? Thats terrible.

    I hope this isn’t a pointer to Nokia making some stupidly arbitrary product differentiation decision to make ‘imaging phones’ a distinct category within the N-Series, reserving things like Xenon flash for certain high-end handsets.

  • Saint Andres

    Davvero cool! Di sicuro sarร  un best sellers! Esteticamente poi รจ davvero bellissimo!

  • Terrence

    ๐Ÿ‘ฟ you people are so sad, thats just the nokia n82. How dumb can you all be to believe that that nokia n96 would be a cheap device such as the n82. Pweh!

  • newtype2011

    With those 2 LEDs, this could be some type of “video” phone…those LEDs could allow one to shoot movies in low light, and the kickstand would serve as a convinient way to view movies on the go.

    It does look like an ugly child of the N95 and N81 though…I hope this thing has some serious specs to soften up its image –

  • N96


    Have confirmed that N96 will have:
    – a ‘stand’ in the back to make it easier to watch TV
    – DVB-H and TV out
    – 8GB Internal Card + 8GB in box memory card
    – GPS
    – Wifi HSDPA

  • N96

    I forgot to add one crucial info… N96 will be DUAL Slider ala N95

  • Aviral

    this proto is not the final version (porots’ ofcourse are never).
    As you all can make out that it features a dual slider similar to the one in n95, it is probable either:-
    a) they stupidly give media access buttons on the D-pad as well as on the place where they are on n95 (the slider).
    b) they might remove the dual slider on final production version.
    c) since the proto is hybrid of n81 & n95, the slider media buttons may double up as gaming control buttons on left, add to it the d-pad buttons on right, hmm they might just give an unparalleled gaming experince (n-gage as we all know it)

  • Mobile Phone User

    Really it’s nice phone, but please can you tell me what’s the price of this phone.

  • Mino Kirm

    when is this phone out?

  • Jack

    I dont understand why is connector for headset on the top of mobile and for charging. Thats stupid or i dont understand that

  • Rich

    I hope it works better than the 5 Nokia N95’s I have had over the past 8 months! I got O2 to swap it for a Sony K850i as the Nokia was so unreliable! Thanks to O2 for helping as they did give me a brand new N95 and not a reconditioned on for my last one but it still stopped working after 6 weeks!

    I just hope Nokia sort their problems out!

  • deez18

    16 GB ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • kingston

    when is the N96 coming out?

  • rocky

    is this phone out yet? and if so how much is it?

    i need to know ๐Ÿ˜€

  • hamid

    how much is it?

  • Muhammad kashif

    I am satisfied by nokia mobile phone.I want most current update for new launch to my e-mail i like N-series thanks NOKIA

  • B

    The eagerly awaited N96 smartphone (or ‘multimedia computer’, as Nokia has it) matches the new iPhone’s bountiful 16 gigabytes of memory – and features a microSD memory card slot should you need even more.

    The N96 includes a 2.8 inch screen which can show DVB-H mobile TV, built-in speakers and a neat kickstand that lets this phone sit up on a desk or table for your viewing pleasure. Nokia’s smartphone also packs a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi and GPS. Look out for it in the second half of 2008.


  • Kamikaze

    I believe this is a fine joke of a good photoshoper… The “96” is added after the pictures were taken. I don’t want to offend anybody but these photo are not real …(At least they look like photoshoped and N96 won’t appear before next year coz N95 is just too new to be replaced)N96 –follow up of N95– will be way better I hope :mrgreen:

  • Wijesena

    Hello, when is the Nokia N-96 will be avalble in UAE market.

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  • Neev

    i trust it will be the best mobile this year

  • quamar

    what is the price of nokia n96 in india

  • quamar

    n96 is not touch screen

  • Tobi

    does this have Bluetooth

  • Zak

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  • Zak

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  • Raidium

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  • Anna

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  • hannah

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  • ajay kandel

    ya it is a good product of nokia. but it is not look like a new product same as n81,n95 no change at all

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