IntoMobile and Viigo proudly announce our new Mobile Portal – IntoMobile To Go!

IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portalWe know, it’s getting to be that time of year and, if you’re anything like us, you’re running around frantically trying to get your affairs in order before that dreaded wonderful deadline. All the hustle and bustle of the holiday season leaves us with less and less time to get our fill of tech-news – and we figure our readers are starting to feel the holiday-crunch as well. So, why not take all your tech-news with you?

The IntoMobile Team has joined forces with mobile-web pioneer Viigo to launch our Viigo-powered Mobile Web Portal – “IntoMobile To Go.” All your favorite websites (ok, they don’t have to be tech-sites), sports updates, finance news, weather, traffic – everything is mobilized through our Viigo-powered IntoMobile To Go Mobile Web Portal. This isnt your run-of-the-mill mobile-RSS-reader – IntoMobile To Go is a fully-functional and powerful application that puts the real web on your mobile phone. Why wait for full webpages to load? Our Web Portal mobilizes the content and displays the newest articles as easily-digestible posts. You don’t even need to hunt down specific RSS feeds for your favorite sites. The geniuses over at Viigo realized that it can be a hassle to find a particular website’s RSS feed – simply enter a website’s URL address and Viigo’s servers will mobilize the webpage’s content on-the-fly.

IntoMobile Mobilized Web Portal - Viigo IntoMobile To Go

The IntoMobile Mobilized Web Portal is available for free for all Windows Mobile and BlackBerry users. We’re working to bring the Viigo-powered IntoMobile Mobilized Web Portal to Symbian and Palm users, so sit tight, we’ll get it to you guys in due time. Meanwhile, WinMo and BlackBerry users can download our IntoMobile To Go through this link – or hit up our new Viigo button near the upper-right corner of our homepage (at the top of the sidebar). If you prefer to install the IntoMobile To Go client OTA (over-the-air) onto your mobile phone, simply point your mobile browser to this download link.

Mobile download
Desktop download

Quick-start review of IntoMobile To Go after the break.

Getting started with IntoMobile To Go is simple:

  • Download the client via desktop or mobile/OTA download links.
  • Install the Viigo-powered IntoMobile To Go client.
  • Start ‘er up!

Viigo made sure that our IntoMobile To Go client is as simple to use as it is to install. The interface comes pre-loaded with a list of popular websites (we’re going to call them “Channels”) for you to start off with. Of course, is included in your list.

IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal

If you want to add more “Channels” to your reading list, simply enter the URL of the webpage – no need to find a specific RSS feed for you favorite website:

  • From the “My Channels” start screen, hit the “Menu” button
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal
  • Select “Add Channel”
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal
  • Pick a category that you’d like to add – in this case, we’re going to add traffic information for Los Angeles.
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal
  • We’re going to pick US Traffic, because, well, Los Angeles is in the US
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal
  • Select “Los Angeles” from the list of US cities with available traffic information.
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal

That’s it! You should now have US traffic information at the tip of your fingers.

Adding your own website is just as easy:

  • Select “Add Channel” from the “Menu”
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal
  • Choose “Add your own Channel”
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal
  • Then choose “Add from Web Page”
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal
  • Enter the URL address of your favorite website
    IntoMobile To Go Viigo web portal

There you go! Have a great holiday, and keep up with your tech news. We’ll try to keep up with the blogosphere, so all we ask is that you keep up with us.

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  • Rich

    I am very excited about this download, but the link to download is not working, I’m getting a 404: Not found error when trying to OTA download the software.



  • Will Park

    Apologies, Rich. I’ll look into that right away. Thanks for the heads up ❗

  • Will Park

    Rich, the link seems to be working just fine. Did you point your MOBILE browser to the OTA download link?

    What phone/OS are you using?

  • Rich

    Thank you.

  • Will Park

    No Worries, have fun!

  • Robert Grant

    The OTA install SMS turned up but just takes me back to the site that I visited to register for the SMS!

    If I navigate to the ‘download’ button, when I click on it the same thing happens!

    In fact I seem to be stuck in a loop that continually takes me back to the same page whenever I ask for the app.

    Pretty poor really.

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