Videos: Nokia really, and I mean seriously, pissed off Germany

Go to youtube and search for “Nokia Bochum” and you will get some seriously angry Germans doing mean and horrible things to their Nokia devices.

Let us begin with this guy smashing a 9500 Communicator:

This same dude now breaking a 9300 and yet another 9500 Communicator; something tells me they were broken to begin with:

Last is this 9 minute report that shows a family with child, I can’t speak German, but I’m assuming the husband/father lost his job. This special also takes you to the construction site near Cluj, Romania, where you can see how poor those people really are.

To further add fuel to the fire, this report by Bloomberg states that by 2009 Nokia wants their Cluj factory to be the largest they have.

  • Florin

    Nothing lasts forever. That plant in Romania will be closed in 10-20 years, and Nokia will move its production somewhere else. I am sorry for the people that will lose their jobs, but in today’s economy, how difficult can it be to find a new job?

  • Topy

    Well we had same thing in Finland as they have now(big finnish paper companies) and i cant really find any sympathy. They arent alone with these or is it just the point when they got enough of these? Because what i understood there was clothing company that left not long ago too?
    Thought this is still pretty much only ex workers and they of course got all the right to be angry.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I understand the economics, I’m just ruffling a few feathers by showing angry German people destroy their mobile phones. 😈

    I bet the people are pissed off because they didn’t get any advanced notice, this just happened out of the blue really.

  • kalle

    Wow…look how though the communicator is! Takes a lot of beating 😆

    But anyway, stop whining Krauts..This is the way business goes today…east. 😥 I wonder why Nokia didn’t choose to go even further east..

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I think that Romania is ripe for talent, but then again I’m biased since I’m from there 🙂

    I can totally see Nokia moving to Vietnam in the future, there economy is booming and they’re investing into education all the while being dirt cheap.

  • Fernando

    Ouch! I couldn’t finish watching that second video..

  • rk arete

    this is total rubbish. good luck finding another brand of mobile phone that is MADE IN EUROPE – you won’t. and anyways, Romania is Europe.

    Not Motorola.
    Not LGE.
    Not Samsung.
    Only SonyEricsson still has an outsourced plant … in Estonia.

    This is pathetic German politician posturing over their inability to make labour costs low.

  • Hans

    Now there might be reasons to close the bochum facility, but what has pissed the workers most was that nokia lied to them until the last minute. In the german television report one worker stated: “We did everything for nokia. We worked Easter, we worked Christmast, we worked overtime. December 26th was a normal work day here, what do you think? And after that they thanked us, gave us coffee and cakes and told us how good we are here at this site. And now we learned that this was only piss take!”

    Sorry, but you can’t treat people like this.

  • Hans

    rk areta: what a bunch of bullshit. While labour costs in germany aren’t the lowest, there is NO WAY to get the labour costs down to what they are in the Balkans. Thats simple impossible and you can’t blame our politicians for not reaching an impossible goal.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    at the same time you can’t blame Nokia for wanting to get cheaper labor.

  • Hans

    There is a common saying: When you lay off people, there is nobody left who has income to buy your products. Germany is the economic-wise the most important country in europe and Nokia is gonna pay for this surely. Latest survey shows that public opinion of nokia is gone through the toilet. And it is also already predicted that closing the facility will cost them hundreds of millions for severance pay and other costs involved. It is very doubtful that the decision will really increase nokias profit.

    Oh and about the video of the guy destroying his communicators: You can clearly see that at least one of the devices was working before he hammered on it.

  • Hans

    Oh, and one more fact: Nokia will not even pay normal wages in romania but sub-par. There is no way another country can compete with that.

  • No_one

    I don’t know how you can say that is a fact. More than likely Nokia will be about the average or slightly higher than that wages in Romania. After all that’s what they’re doing in other countries.

    Arguing that labor and operation in Romania isn’t cheaper than in Germany is pointless. Anyone one with a slight sense of current economy knows that. In western Europe everything is more costly; be it wages or the infrastructure costs (health care, taxes, electricity, etc).

    Of course it’s always disappointing when a factories and offices get shut down and people find themselves unemployed but there are always other work to do. Western European countries have to evolve and become more service oriented and focus on other areas than manufacturing. (Nokia still has a big R&D site in Ulm and likely a lot of the Bochum R&D people is offered a chance to move there)

    oh, and the Bochum site is going to run for another 6 months or so. I’d say that’s pretty damn good. Sometimes these things come really out of the blue and people are given practically no time to adjust. Several months is more than enough to get your stuff in order and prepare to find another work.

    This is not the old days anymore where people spend their whole working life in a single job. And others already said a lot of German companies already bailed out from Bochum area (Adidas among them) so it’s not like Nokia is the first one. Even German car makers mostly assemble theirs cars outside of Germany these days.

  • Sergiu

    Lay-offs are messy no matter the country. I am sorry for those people.

    I just don’t see how smashing a thousand dollars worth of communicators will help. For one, Nokia already made its profit on those devices, and I am sure that the “I need a hammer to break this” will be a couple of PR points to Nokia if presented out of context. A donation to some poor kids would have been preferable.

    On the other side, I can’t say that I am looking forward to buying an expensive phone that has a “Made in Romania” tag on it, as compared to “Made in Germany”. Oh well, can’t be worse than “Made Anywhere else”.

  • Erwin

    Some more facts for you: The bochum branch of nokia made a 22 percent profit regarding to the latest numbers. So they are actually profitable.

    Also wages are only 4.2 percent of nokias total production costs. Therefore lowering the wages will result in no really significant reduction of costs. Nokia also is very well doing, makes lots of profits and has not even the slightest need to cut on costs.

    The truth: The machines in the bochum branch are outdated because nokia did no modernization for a very long time. Now they would need to invest money and they decided to invest the money in romania to have slightly less production costs. As said, not really significant but nethertheless noticable.

    So saying that the labor costs in germany are the reason for closing the bochum branch is nothing but a big fat lie. And how they treated their workers is to be ashamed of, they even got bonuses at the end of the year because they did so well. They also got no official information about closing down the branch but got the news from public broadcast. This is a arrogant and barbarous of treating your employees.

    Currently germany is on number 5 of nokias biggest selling markest (behind China, USA, India and UK). I guess it was the longest time.

    Congratulations nokia, for very marginal savings you have destroyed one of your biggest markets. This is not a good business move but downright dumb.

  • Erwin

    Oh, and it IS a fact that nokia does pay below average in romania. Some television teams actually got to romania and asked people already hired for contract details. Even the locals said that it was awfully low in comparison.

  • Erwin

    Oh and anyone telling that six months is enough time to find another job has absolutely no clue about the job situation in germany and especially in the ruhr area (which bochum is a part of). I’m actually in a town next to bochum and we have about 17 percent (!) unemployment.

    Nokias pointless decision to save some small bucks destroys the life of people who worked for them!

  • markus

    Germans are digging their own grave by boycotting or destroying their Nokia devices. Almost everyday German newspapers boast about how many products they export to other countries. So if other countries begin to boycott German products, Germans will get even more pissed off. The show with that family and children is rubbish. In Romania (I’m not Romanian) and many other countries farmers became jobless and in some countries even had to take their own lives, ‘coz they had no money to repay their bebts, because of subsidies given to German and other western european farmers. I am sure that the guy in the video will get a fat compensation cheque. Germans need to see the reality and stop whining.

  • zorg

    Phone mockups 😯 and REALLY outdated 😳 sat receivers (Nokia has not produced such at least in last 10 yrs). Germans DO know, where they put their money. And it DEFEINEDLY is not protesting.

    And the media buys it. 😡

  • PseudoFinn

    Wasn’t the factory in Romania built by a German company?

    Aren’t there Romanians and other populations pouring into places like Germany and Italy to find work (taking jobs…?)

    Aren’t there more than a few German companies that have moved out of Germany? Have they called for a boycott of the companies that have moved out of their own country? My German car was built in Brazil. I think my Adidas were too. I bet more than a few people drive Volkswagens and wear Adidas in Germany quite regularly still. Shouldn’t this be more insulting to the German population than for a foreign guest moving along with business?

    Yes- it is absolutely a shame that Nokia has announced plans to close the plant, but such is business. Nokia is a guess in Germany, and they have several more outfits in Germany still- should they take this as a sign that they’ve outstayed their welcome, pack everything up?

    I understand that Nokia may have handled the situation poorly (six months notice… severance pay?) but honestly- this is just a very bad reaction and will only make a bad situation worse. This just does not seem like the way to treat a guest in your country. 🙁

    These videos are something else. What handset maker will they choose to use now…?

  • myob

    nokia = low wages + nice facilities + bullshit

  • thet

    i’ve seen this many times before

    nokia low wages? the workers are paying for the building they work in

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