RIM BlackBerry 8110 Pearl headed to Rogers Wireless with GPS?

Rogers to get RIM BlackBerry 8110 Pearl with GPS in Deep BlueCanadian BlackBerry-fans may just have reason to celebrate in the near future. We’re hearing that the GPS-toting RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8110 could be hitting Rogers Wireless’s network in the near-term. As the GSM counterpart to the CDMA-based BlackBerry 8130 Pearl, the BlackBerry 8110 Pearl features an integrated GPS receiver.

The updated GSM BlackBerry Pearl should be sporting the microSD card slot, revised keypad, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the integrated GPS receiver that we’ve come to expect from the newer BlackBerry Pearls.

Dark Blue seems to be the color of choice for the Rogers-flavor of the BlackBerry 8110 Pearl, and keep in mind that the $249.99 price-tag is dependent upon a data plan and a 3-year contract.

[Via: BizToolBelt]

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