Can’t find your BlackBerry? Berry Locator to the rescue!

How many times have you forgotten where you placed your car keys/wallet/purse/sunglasses/watch/mobile phone? Well, if you’re like us, you’re always scrambling to figure out exactly where those sneaky buggers run off to. They really have minds (and legs) of their own.

Berry LocatorScatter-brained BlackBerry owners have a friend in the newly launched Berry Locator. No matter where your BlackBerry is hiding, all you have to do is send a simple email (with a specific trigger-message) and Berry Locator will make it sound-off its location (even if it’s in silent mode). If you happen to have abandoned your BlackBerry somewhere far-off, Berry Locator will display your email’s message on the display, so you can include instructions for how to get your BlackBerry back in your hands (as long as the person that finds it feels the same way).

Berry Locator works with your BlackBerry’s GPS hardware (if equipped, of course) to relay its exact location – it won’t tell you if it’s under the couch, but it will tell you if it’s at the coffee house.

The free trial is, well, free. A full-version of Berry Locator will run you $4.99.

Berry Locator

  • Ben Robinson

    Sweeeeeet 🙂

  • Yoli Smith

    Please call 719-325-9952

  • Yoli Smith

    how do I send a message to my cell phone using locator if lost.

  • Pete Loganzo

    Just go to any computer…… Duh

  • Qwest

    I just purchased a Storm and I get an error message when trying to load Berry Locator to it. Is there an update that will work for the Storm? As you can imagine, it is even more important to be able to find my Berry now that my Berry is a Storm!! Oh, and I’m using (shhhh)

  • tomas

    How do i send a message, can it be any email to a blackberry? , so how i do to find a friends blakcberry , do i need to register him or something or send a email for where?

  • kristene

    i have been using berry locator for my bold and i am having good time with it dnt want to experience some other, it works with GPS and Without ..

  • Brilliantbodibe

    someone stole my blackberry , and wen i try to call it its of please can i have the ways on how to track it

  • Sweetmarc_papi

    someone stole mi blackberry curve 9300

  • Jhv Jannie

    my phone got lost its a curve 8520, 2920A98F. can u call me on 071 440 2833 please

  • Major1621

    lost my bb torch last night with no gps now what?

  • Emileewade

    lost my bb 9300 my pin is 28A5F8D7 it is on silent but is no where to be seen, please help me

  • Faizalazham

    lost by bb bold 2. pin numver 2262A252. pleaseeee help me !! 🙁

  • Maynard Vosloo

    hy my name is maynard i have lost my blackberry curve at a houseparty my number is 0762307550 and my email is

  • Alanahandjenjen

    i left my blackberry curve 9360 on the bus yesterday and i cannot find it,its turned off,what do i do?

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