Nokia to be the official sponsor of the Grammy Awards


Nokia has just announced that they are the official sponsor of the 50th Grammy Awards. An award show that is pretty much rich people patting other rich people on the back for albums that might sell rather well, but are mostly crap, I’m excited. But why Stefan? The Grammy’s are watched by practically every single American, I would wager more people watch the Grammy’s than the Superbowl or NBA Finals. I’m not guessing, I’m telling you this will be the event where Nokia begins their huge push to break doubly digit market share in the colonies.

Am I going to be watching it? Nope. Do I hope a celebrity face plants on the run way and gets talked about on every major news network the next day? Absolutely. What am I really hoping for? Britney Spears’ sister gets a Nokia N95 and proceeds to send naughty pictures to her boyfriend who then sells them to the highest bidder so that they can be leaked onto the internet for everyone to see. A man can only dream right? It already happened to the girl from High School Musical.

[Via: Nokia PR]

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