Intel throwing $2 billion at Sprint’s WiMAX network to make it work

xohm.jpgSprint and Clearwire were supposed to launch a WiMAX network in the United States, but talks fell short and then the rumors started cropping up that it wouldn’t be launched unless another partner or more funding was found. Low and behold Intel, who has a lot of money riding on the technology seeing as how they invented it, is throwring $2 billion into to mix to make it work.

I’m having a hard time believing why people insist WiMAX has any potential to win any marketshare, just do LTE and be done with it.

[Via: DSL Reports]

  • L

    WiMAX is way better and more dependable

  • brian

    How does this guy run a site and not know that Wimax is better than LTE, and less expensive and more reliable… I guess anyone can run a blog now. I bet the blog writer has a Verizon Chocolate phone cause he thinks Verizon U.I is awesome get real…

  • bob9

    the guy who runs this site neither can write nor knows his stuff. so why do we read it?

  • mobile guru

    WiMAX is a 4G Technology and is available now for consumers! LTE is still in standardizing and trials mode, won’t be available for commercial use till 2012. Check your facts Mr Blogga!

  • mobile guru

    i forgot to mention, WiMAX blankets 200 million subs worldwide and generates upwards of 250 million dollars as of now!
    Can you hear me now, LTE?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    WiMAX is and always will be a niche player in the grand scheme of things. Remember that there is a huge difference between fixed and mobile WiMAX, the later has yet to be implemented. LTE may be 2 years out, but it will eventually blanket the areas of the market that currently have HSPA, not to mention that HSPA still has some juice in it and will enable 14/5 connections.

  • ITgrad2001

    stefan is not educated, eveyone else knows wimax is the best ever so far.

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