Samsung to release a “high end” Android powered phone in September?


Robert X. Cringely is claiming that he has information on two upcoming Android powered devices. Both of them are made by Samsung, but are actually Google branded. The “high end” model is supposed to come out in September with a sub $100 (with or without contract?) model expected after Christmas. He goes on to say that both have WiFi built in and might actually come with a built in VoIP client.

Shenanigans? It’s only February folks, a lot can happen in 7 months.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    who knows, it is way too early to tell.

  • reader

    Do they know which services the phones will work with like verizon or t-mobile?

  • Brandon

    Verizon refuses to partner with the open handset alliance so you will not be seeing any Android phones with them. The HTC G1 is already avaliable with T-mobile and its the best phone Ive ever owned. The Samsung Android Is actually expected to be released in March 2009 not September.

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