AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Sprint respond to Verizon’s “unlimited offering”


Thank God Verizon unveiled its “unlimited offering.” All other major carriers responded with pretty much the same deal.

  • AT&T is offering unlimited voice for $99 and unlimited connectivity and messaging for $35. One year contract is required for new subscribers and data plans are unchanged, though. Compared with Verizon’s offer, AT&T is $15 cheaper, but their HSDPA coverage is more limited than Verizon’s EVDO.
  • Sprint’s deal costs bit more ($119) but that price buys you both unlimited voice and data. The problem is that it seems they are restricting the new offer to four markets: San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa and Minneapolis/St.
  • Finally, $99 buys you unlimited voice and text (including text, picture and IM) at T-Mobile. Previously, the Deutsche Telekom owned mobile operator has been selling unlimited text messaging for $14.99 and 5,000 minutes of calls for $129.99.

See what competition and the open market can do. Next stop – even cheaper unlimited plans. ;)

[Via: Gizmodo]

  • Freddie

    Sprint came up with the unlimited voice plan first before Verizon Wireless does, so basically, Verizon responded to Sprint’s announcement, not the other way around. Helio lowered its unlimited plan for $99, then Sprint made its announcement of their Unlimited Access, then Verizon Wireless, followed by AT&T, then lastly T-Mobile.

  • hunter

    i think you might want to confirm that info about at&t, no such voice plans as of yet

  • dusanb
  • Gregory

    I hope this can be shown as evidence the fruits of the free market.

  • joe shmo

    Were is the T-mo plan???

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