Motorola lays off 200+ employees in Schaumburg, Illinois?

sad MotorolaOn and on we cover bad news coming from Motorola. Actually, this isn’t confirmed yet but according to Engadget Mobile’s tipster, the American handset maker has laid off more than 200 additional employees recently. Apparently, people working with the customer service, mobile, and lab departments in Moto’s home town of Schaumburg, Illinois took the bulk of the hit.

Again, we have nothing confirmed, but this is everything but a surprise to everyone who’s following the industry. Plus, when a company’s in trouble, it’s the cost-cutting measures shareholders are always cheering for.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • perthian

    Some say the Motorola Software Development Center site in Perth, Western Australia is closing down too.

    That was about 75 Software Engineers.

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