Paul Liska next up at bat as Motorola Chief Financial Officer

Talk about a tough road ahead. This guy’s got a doozy of a mess to clean up when he takes his position as Motorola’s Chief Financial Officer this March 1st. We’re talking, of course, about Paul Liska, the replacement for Motorola’s interim CFO Tom Meredith.

Motorola names new CFO Paul LiskaLiska should bring something of a fresh outlook on Moto’s troubled finances. Many believed that Motorola’s next CFO would come from within the company, but it seems that Motorola wanted to look for a new face to try and drive their ship toward more profitable waters. Liska comes from outside the company and has pulled financial-duty with the likes of Sears and private equity firms. Maybe this sort of executive change-up is exactly what the troubled handset manufacturer needs.

That’s not to say that Meredith did a bad job as the head money-guy at Motorola. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Jim Suva, a Citigroup analyst, praised Meredith for helping plug the leaky hole that is the Good Ship Motorola. Remember that positive Q4 report? Yea, that’s all Meredith right there.

Paul Liska’s private-equity background could also bring insight into Motorola’s possible handset division sell-off. Although, we’d think the company’s most pressing concern would be to put their house back in order – you know, curb appeal can really increase selling price.

[Via: RCRNews]

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