Taliban threatens to blow up cell towers in Afghanistan

Cell towers targetted by TalibanThe Taliban is attempting to protect itself from military (of the US variety) communications regarding the militant group’s actions in the only way they know how – with explosives. The Taliban is threatening to bomb cell towers in Afghanistan. Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujaheed claims that the Afghani wireless networks (which sprung up after the fall of the Taliban in 2001) were being used by entities like the US military to communicate the whereabouts and actions of the Taliban, and subsequently using the cellular networks to coordinate attacks on the group.

The Taliban has issued a warning, stating that if the wireless networks are not turned off for 10 hours every day (from 5pm to 3am) the Taliban will commence plans to bomb the cellular infrastructure. The warning gives the wireless operators three days to comply. Cellular towers and office buildings are being threatened.

What the Taliban don’t seem to realize is that the US military (and likely any other foreign military holding things down in Afghanistan) do not need cellular networks to exchange information or launch attacks. More specifically, the US military is capable of picking up cell phone signals (with satellites and other technology) without the network operator’s help.

But then again, how could they know that the US won’t be deterred by lack of a wireless operator. We’d recommend that these jokers turn themselves in, but that probably won’t do any good…

  • fenris

    ..You’re completely certain they won’t capitulate because their iPhones stop working, though?

  • Zak

    Why can’t we simply bomb the taliban and call it done?

  • special edward

    them degum talibans are so stupid!! they dont realize that those towers help them to? how else are they suposed to call pizza hut to get pizza delivered to them?!!!!

  • Will Park

    “Why can’t we simply bomb the taliban and call it done?”

    If only it were that easy….

  • fenris

    One iPhone for every AK-47 turned in? And a free data- package for every opium- harvest? Just saying..

    (..btw, Will: It is much cheaper, and easier, for the army to use ground gsm communications for day to day communications – than setting up their own mobile rf relays, or using sattelite.)

  • Will Park

    No doubt, but I’m pretty sure our military doesn’t give 2 cents (literally) about having to setup their own communications relays.

    But hey, maybe those taliban tards will give up for a Big Mac and an iPhone…haha 😆

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