Sprint unveils the ultimate unlimited plan – Sprint “Simply Everything” gives you unlimited everything for $99

Sprint’s pulling out all the stops on this one. In response to the barrage of unlimited wireless calling plans from all the major network operators (and a handful of smaller regional players), Sprint has just dropped the Sprint “Simply Everything” flat-rate calling plan.

Just what does Sprint’s new unlimited plan include for $99 a month? Well, as the name might suggest, Sprint’s $99 unlimited plan gives you unlimited use of “simply everything.” To be a little less vague, that means Sprint Nextel customers (new and old) on either the CDMA or iDEN networks will be able to get their fill of SMS text messaging, data, e-mail, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, GPS Navigation, Direct Connect and Group Connect – all for a buck shy of a C-note.

Sprint Simply Everything unlimited calling plan

Now, this isn’t the $60 unlimited calling plan that Sprint was rumored to be brewing up, but at $99 for everything on Sprint’s menu, we’re more than satisfied – or at least we would be if we were Sprint customers. Let’s hope this move helps stymie the biblical exodus of subscribers that Sprint’s been seeing over the past months. After all, no other carrier can match this unlimited plan – yet.

Maybe Sprint closed it’s stores down to prepare to the onslaught of subscribers wanting to get in on the Sprint “Simply Everything” unlimited calling plan. We’ll know soon enough…

[Via: BusinessWire]

  • aaron

    Check out this website, it talks about the family plan that is offering a $5 discount off additional lines in the discussion forum! not only is the unlimited everything a one punch to the other carriers but a discount off additional lines? Now that’s a one-two punch! Knock ’em out Sprint!!

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