Sprint CEO Dan Hesse hints at Clearwire partnership, dual-mode WiMAX / CDMA handset this year

Sprint to unveil dual-mode cdma/wimax handset this yearWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Sprint had better get their WiMAX/XOHM network lit-up right-quick, before they exhaust their financial means to do so. There’s a lot riding on XOHM, and a couple wrong moves could spell the end for Sprint.

So, it’s refreshing to hear that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse say that a partnership with WiMAX provider Clearwire is still possbile. In an earnings call today, Hesse said that ,”We have had wide ranging discussions with Clearwire on potential relationships but no final agreements have been reached.” Hesse wasn’t too forthcoming with Sprint’s WiMAX plans, but he did say that the XOHM network’s soft-launch in the Baltimore, Washington DC and Chicago markets were encouraging, adding that “Sprint has an enormous asset—nearly 100 megahertz of un-utilized spectrum—and we have the opportunity to have a three-year head start with our Xohm service, true wireless broadband with multi-megabit speed.”

And, to kick off their XOHM network, Sprint will be launching their first dual-mode WiMAX / CDMA handset later this year. Combined with those WiMAX routers from Zyxel, Sprint should have a good range of WiMAX/XOHM offerings when it goes live with the network.

That is, if Sprint can make it that far. Good thing they have Intel’s bankroll to play with.

[Via: MocoNews]

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