ZiPhone 2.5 brings simple jailbreak / unlock GUI tool to Apple iPhone v1.1.4 – Mac and Windows!

ZiPhone 2.5 jailbreak and unlock for iPhone v1.1.4Let’s give it up for Zibri! Just days after iNdependence beat him to the punch with a simple-to-use, iPhone v1.1.4 compatible, GUI interface to jailbreak, unlock, and activate the iPhone’s newest v1.1.4 firmware, Zibri has announced that the other jailbreak GUI-offering has been updated to work with the iPhone v1.1.4. As expected, ZiPhone 2.5 is an update to the ZiPhone 2.4 jailbreak tool for iPhones running the previous v1.1.3 firmware.

ZiPhone 2.5 works just like ZiPhone 2.4 – which is to say that it’ll jailbreak, unlock, and even activate your iPhone v1.1.4, regardless of when you bought it (Bootloader versions 3.9 and 4.6 are good to go). And, while iNdependence is a Mac-only solution (for now), ZiPhone 2.5 does its magic on both Windows and Mac machines!

Download ZiPhone 2.5 here.

  • Avi

    anyone tried to use Ziphone 2.5 with iphone 1.1.4?
    does it works good?

  • Inthi

    Hi Avi,
    Ziphone 2.5 works great! Just one click! 1.1.4 is UNLOCKED. Try soon, enjoy it….

  • Dee-Black76

    Just trying 2 see if i can really jailbreak my iphone without any major problems to my iphone. So please hit me back for walk thru of the process…

  • Dee-Black76

    i have 1.1.4 on my iphone.

  • lance

    I need step by step instructions to unlock my Iphone i have the 1.1.4 fi

  • john

    Could anyone please advise me on how to put the v1.1.4 firmware to iphone.

  • zachary

    does ZiPhone work with the iPhone 3G? i have verizon wireless, and i want the iphone 3g. hope it works!! if so, would verizon ever know about me having an iphone? im not quite sure how that would work.

  • Mohamed

    Could any one please tell me how to put v1.1.4 on iPhone

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