How safe does your cellphone make you feel?

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I came across these research studies that seems to indicate that people feel more secure and safe when they have their mobile phone with them. Apparently, the added sense of security (presumably as a sort of connection to friends and family) that a cellphone provides actually emboldens college students to make riskier decisions – like walking alone after dark – especially for women.

Another study found that those people talking on their handset were about twice as likely to step into moving traffic than those that weren’t using their mobile phone.

So, the question – just how safe does your mobile phone make you feel? Do you walk along after dark because you feel that your cellphone is an emergency line of communication? Have you stepped into traffic because you were paying more attention to your handset than your surroundings?

Leave a comment, we want to know.

(I know the image has nothing to do with the survey, but I thought it was funny nonetheless)

  • PlayerKill

    That’s a funny picture, Will.

  • Will Park

    I literally LOL’d when I saw it 😆

  • aaron

    My cell phone is like, my primary contact for anyone to get a hold of me. whether it’s by call, email, text, mms, whatever. It’s the only way to contact me if you aren’t with me. It’s pretty much my lifeline. For that, I have no problem dishing out hundreds of dollars to make sure I have the best device since it’s pretty much the only device that i need. I want to make sure that if I’m spending a lot of time on it, that the time spent is going to be enjoyable.

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