AT&T brings the “unlimited” trend to the iPhone – Unlimited calling plans now available for iPhone

Everyone and their grandma (not to mention aunt, uncle, and sister) are now offering unlimited calling plans like it’s going out of style. So, it was only a matter of time before AT&T brought the all-you-can-eat wireless calling plan craze to the iPhone users’ doorsteps.  That’s right, AT&T is now offering the an unlimited calling plan for iPhone.

For $119.99 per month, you get the same unlimited mobile to mobile calling, unlimited nights/weekends, 200 SMS text messages, Rollover minutes, Visual Voicemail, and unlimited data that all other iPhone plans offer (with the exception of the lowest tier iPhone plan – which only offers 5000 night/weekend minutes) but with an unlimited allotment of wireless minutes. The new Unlimited iPhone plan is not available in Alaska, but if you feel like shelling out a buck-twenty, you can throw caution to the wireless-wind and talk up your friends until they tell you to stop calling.

iphone Unlimited plan for iPhone from AT&T

Interestingly, the Unlimited iPhone plan only offers 200 SMS text messages. AT&T seems set on limited the number of included SMS text messages, essentially “encouraging” iPhone users to buy a messaging plan. You’d think that for a Jackson north of a C-note, AT&T would include a few more text messages – but then you’d be wrong.

Have at it. I’m staying with my “limited” iPhone plan…

Apple iPhone calling plans

  • impuLsive

    Good news for Apple iPhone owners. 🙂

  • Brandon

    What’s the point of rollover minutes on this plan?

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