noBounds: Nokia’s full 1080p30 video over the USB or WiFi inside your mobile device technology

noBounds! – blast Smartphones display bounds! from Bernd Steinke on Vimeo.

Little information is given about how noBounds actually works, but we do know all that is required for it to work is a software update. The noBounds technology will let you connect a 1080p display via USB or WiFi to a mobile device, such as the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet as seen above, and apperently is uses very little battery life. Roughly 20 companies are involved with noBounds in some meaningful way and there is full intention to drive this into the next USB specification.

Internet Tablet Talk received the email announcement which you can read here. Meanwhile I’m going to try and get in touch with the really bright minds at Nokia’s Research Center in Bochum to try and figure out how they achieved this voodoo. Awesome work Bernd Steinke, Kevin Müller and Jonas Hermann, this is some amazing stuff!

I hate to pat myself on the back, but what did I tell you about displays getting smarter in the future?

  • Ian

    Please, could you also try to find out the estimated availability? This is what I was waiting for…

  • James Burland

    Amazing stuff… I must be missing something though, because the N810 has trouble playing back a simple MP4 at 800px wide. Looking forward to hearing more about this – is there any doubt that the desktop PC has had it’s day?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    No one doubts the days of the PC are almost over. No one knew it would happen this fast.

    I’m thinking how awesome it would be to create a laptop that was literally nothing more than a display and keyboard yet you connect your mobile phone to it and now you have a full blown user interface, something akin to the redfly [pdf link]:

    Regarding your question, I think the video was decoded on the client side, that is they connected some sort of device to the display so it could do the decoding on the receiving end versus having to render it on the N810′s CPU.

  • KevinD

    The “PC is dead” has been said every five or ten years as long as I can remember.

    Nope, as long as desktops/laptops pack more power and storage (and they always will), they will be around.

    Likewise, voice and touch have been around for decades, but will never replace keyboards and mice.

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