Nokia 6300i: The 6300 with WiFi


The Nokia 6300i was just announced, with a Q2 ship date and a low price of 175 Euros before taxes or subsidies you can get what is essentially a Nokia 6300 today, but with the additional feature of WiFi which enabled VoIP calls. 2 megapixel camera, 2 inch QVGA screen, 12 mm thin, the 6300 is one of Nokia’s strongest sellers and people looking to hop onto the net with their access point at home/work will most definitely enjoy the new 6300i.

One thing to note, according to Mobile Burn this will be the first device to feature the S40 version of Nokia Maps. Doesn’t make much sense to me since there isn’t a GPS receiver in this device, but I’ll wait and see.

[Via: Mobile Burn]

[Press photo gallery here]

  • Ali Fuat

    This is cool! Nokia E51 was a clumsy model at first, but 6300i will take the cake now. :mrgreen:

  • Maciek

    There are a few GPS-less phones with Nokia maps preloaded these days. Look at e61i.

  • Varun

    Will the phone last for 3.5 hours of talk time ?

    I know a lot of 6300 complaining of poor battery life

    • yashira… <3

      it def. lasts but it does have some poor battery life. i have to be charging it like all da time. but either way its a good phone.

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