AT&T Mobility CEO teases us with 3G iPhone, Centro

Ralph de la VegaAt AT&T’s press conference, CEO Ralph de la Vega primarily talked about cooperation with Microsoft to deliver Surface tables/computers in the mobile operator’s stores around the country. Along with Microsoft’s Robbie Bach, the two talked about wonders of the customer experience and how AT&T will benefit from using the Surface technology. We’ve already covered that part and that’s not “on the table” in this post.

The other part of presentation as well as the post-conference Q&A session was more focused on 3G and 4G technologies. There, at some point, de la Vega himself said that all of the carrier’s smartphones will be 3G within a “months.” Now wait a minute, AT&T also carries Palm Centro and Apple iPhone. While I doubt we’ll see Garnet singing along HSDPA, iPhone is completely another beast. Is this a hint or what? CEOs are well trained to speak with the press and I doubt de la Vega accidentally said the “months” word. On the other hand, he may just wanted more publicity, which is also highly unlikely. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Jack Burton

    Maybe he said it but was hoping the people were staring at his hair instead of listening…

  • Tasha

    how much will the 3g iphone cost?

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