HTC and T-Mobile swapping out T-Mobile Wing batteries for free

T-Mobile and HTC replacing T-Mobile Wing batteries for freeWorried about the slight probability that the Dynapack battery in your T-Mobile Wing will go up in flames? Rest easy, fellow Windows Mobile user, T-Mo and HTC are coming to the rescue with brand new batteries for you. For the low, low price of $FREE.99, the Wing-ed duo will be sending you a Celxpert battery to replace the Dynapack unit currently powering your device.

Apparently, the highly improbable chance of one of the Dynapack batteries overheating and exploding in your pocket is enough to prompt a proactive replacement program. Owners can expect replacement units free of charge.

Give us a shout if you’ve gotten your replacement juice-pack in the mail.

[Via: WMExperts]

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