T-Mobile to launch Motorola RIZR Z10 as 3G flagship?

T-Mobile picking up Motorola Z10 as AWS 3G handset?Good, old Motorola. I soo want them to regain their lost glory in the mobile space. But, when they pull the kind of antics that I witnessed at CTIA, its hard to envision a future where Moto is once again at the top of its game. They did little more than launch the late-to-the-party Motorola Z9, they failed to even have any Motorola handset division team members available for a discussion on upcoming mobile handset plans (more on that later).

So, color me surprised when I came across this little tidbit from Howard Forums. It seems an informed HoFo user has it on some sort of authority that T-Mobile will be picking up the Motorola RIZR Z10 sliderphone as the first 3G HSDPA handset to get jiggy with HSDPA data speeds on T-Mo’s AWS 1700Mhz 3G network. Inaugurating T-Mobile’s 3G network launch in The States by launching the mighty Motorola Z10 would be fitting indeed.

Remember, the Moto Z10 is the HSDPA-toting multimedia monster with a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, 30fps video recording, on device video editing, direct YouTube uploading, and that trick pivoting slider design.

Unfortunately, we can’t give any more than rumor-grade credibility to the possibility that T-Mobile will be picking up the Moto Z10. More on the Z10’s futures as we hear about it…

[Via: HoFo]

  • maciek

    maybe motorola would be more successfull if they would not try to flood the market with 5 year old razrs in all colors of rainbow. releasing it as razr2 doesn’t do much difference as it? still the same crappy device. I think Moto should ditch their shitty OS in the first place and start pushing the one they are licensee? of…symbian/uiq. Z10 seems to be a good choice and after swearing I would never go for Moto device, I have to say that im quite impressed and if T-Mobile will be the launch carrier for it, I?l definitely pick it up as a second /well first until Nokia will release S60 phone with WCDMA 1700 band/ device. looks decent, sturdy, 3G t_Mobile? flavour..what else would I need. It will be a nice to use it as a 3G modem for my N810.


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