Nokia shows off iPhone fighting Nokia Tube

Nokia Tube is the iPhone fighter with touchscreenThe Finnish mobile phone giant is not about to let the iPhone take any of its dominant market away from Espoo. With the iconic iPhone redefining the user experience in mobile phones, Nokia has been toiling away with a touch-based competitor to the iPhone. With S60 Touch finally getting the touchscreen treatment that the Symbian platform was initially designed for, Nokia’s on its way to pushing an all-touch device out its factory doors soon (well, not out of Bochum).

At the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in Redwood City, CA., Nokia showed off their iPhone fighting Nokia Tube. The “Tube” looks a lot like the iPhone, but then any mobile phone (mobile device) with a full-body touchscreen and a minimal bezel looks like the iPhone.

Nokia showed graphical UI elements and demonstrated movie playback at the event. The Nokia “Tube” prototype still looks like the prototype we saw in November 2007. Nokia Executive VP said that ,”If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride,” and it looks like they’re holding to the iPhone-esque design.

The Nokia Tube will feature direct video uploading and support for Java, both things that the current iPhone does not offer. This could give Nokia a hand up on the current iPhone, but it remains to be seen how the S60 Touch OS will fare against the iPhone OS.

As far as sales go, Nokia’s dominance in the market and the Tube’s features are expected to out-class the iPhone. Forum Nokia VP Tom Libretto, derided Apple with the assertion that, while Apple has shipped 4-5 million iPhones since launch, “We’ve done that [sales volume] since we’ve had dinner on Friday.” To be fair, the sales figures for the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer are largely due to sales in the low-end (and Nokia’s device portfolio is extensive, to say the least). It should be interesting to see how Nokia Tube sales fare against Apple iPhone sales, especially once the 3G iPhone goes live.

No release date has been mentioned for the Nokia Tube.

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  • LanPhantom

    Pretty sweetnso far, get it finished and we’ll see how it does up against a 3G iPhone.

  • John

    This is sooo true >>>while Apple has shipped 4-5 million iPhones since launch, “We’ve done that [sales volume] since we’ve had dinner on Friday.”

    I want the new Nokia Tube!

  • saj

    i want

  • Nokia-Tube

    While some of the sites proclaim that Nokia will not be able to catch up w/iPhone I believe that the company is more than well positioned to take the lead position in the market. Almost all people who I know and who have Nokia would not switch to other brand. It’s a tremendous brand loyalty you dont see that often today. So, if the tube gets released it will be greated with cheers by the current Nokia owners eager to upgrade. Just my 2c

  • Tomasz

    Yes, but only buy phones without Symbian made by Nokia.
    1. Symbian is so unstable OS I have ever met!
    2. Support?… Forget about it.
    Nokia often treats customers as idiots: bugs are called “features”…
    In example: When you are sending emails this “Smartphone crashes” when new SMS is received…
    Good bye NOKIA with Symbian!

    WM6 is much better solution and why not to use iPhone?
    If you have notebook with Mac OS X 10.5 it will be really good choise.

    I am using 3 phones:
    – Nokia 6021 – only for business calls – it is nothing special but it has: small size, perfect battery and… no Symbian;
    – ETEN m700 (WM6 -> hardware keyboard, really good for sending SMS in Polish, Russian and Greek languages. Moreover, I like to have real working delivery report + GPS navigation with offline maps… and of course Skype!
    – iPhone – My third phone. It is a good solution for accessing web pages, Contacts & Calendar, and music syncing with my MB Pro. VPN really works! Good support!

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