Mozilla Firefox codename Fennec is 600% faster than the built in browser on Nokia’s Maemo platform


Ars.technia is testing the latest nightly of the new Firefox browser for mobile devices, codename Feenec, and it appears that it is significantly faster than the one in the latest public version of Nokia’s Maemo operating system which runs on the N810 and N800 internet tablets. How much faster? How about a 6x increase in speed! The Mozilla team is saying that optimizations for the ARM architecture are progressing faster than that for x86, which doesn’t surprise me, if you’re going to focus on mobile then you have to focus on ARM!

Looking forward to testing this if it ever gets ported to the S60 platform of course.

  • Anthony

    600x more reliable would be good too!

  • JonnyBruha

    I’d be happy just to see it released for the N810. The default browser wastes way too much time.

  • Al Pavangkanan

    I tried it out. Not fast. Google reader still slow
    Maybe I installed the wrong thing.

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