BlackBerry 9100 on the way?

BlackBerry 9100 rumorsThe BlackBerry 9000 was outed not too long ago to mixed reactions. After all the hype of an iPhone-fighting BlackBerry, the BlackBerry 9000 was a bit of a let down. But, as a smartphone in and of itself, the BlackBerry 9000 is a highly competent smartphone that’s likely to give potential iPhone buyers pause.

So, to keep things fired up, here’s new speculation that a BlackBerry 9100 is on the way. The eagle eyes at BGR have found references to a BlackBerry 9100 with an external display. Both Vodafone and DoCoMo are mentioned as possible carriers for the BlackBerry 9100.

Details are slim and mostly speculation – the mentioned device hardware and carrier strings could just be a carrier-specific variant of the BlackBerry 9000. On the other hand, the BlackBerry 9100 could be the iPhone-fighter that the BlackBerry 9000 isn’t.

In other speculation. There are hints that the BlackBerry 9000 could be picked up by AT&T and/or T-Mobile USA.

More on the new 9000-series BlackBerry lineup as we hear about it. Stay tuned.

[Via: BGR]

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