Send free SMS via web to 38 countries via Jaxtr


The Menlo Park, California based company that “links your phone” to the wen, Jaxtr, announced that its members can now send free SMS to mobile phones in 38 countries directly from their Jaxtr home page.

Those not familiar should know Jaxtr allows users to hear from callers worldwide while keeping their existing phone number private. The service works with any phone, including ordinary landline phones and no download is required. Currently, Jaxtr is used by over ten million people in 220 countries.

Commenting on the announcement Jaxtr co-founder and COO Touraj Parang said: “You can SMS your friends and family abroad whether or not they are currently members of jaxtr. The moment you sign up for a free account at, the world is literally at your fingertips.”

[Via: jkOnTheRun]

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