PWN your iPhone from a Windows machine – PwnageTool available for Windows users

All you Windows-using iPhoners out there can join the Pwnage club with the release of winpwn. Just like the Mac-only PwnageTool released by the iPhone Dev Team, winpwn allows you to “pwn” your iPhone using your Windows machine.

Pwn-ing your iPhone requires that you build a custom IPSW (firmware/OS) bundle and upload it to your iPhone. Once the IPSW is built, you can “pwn” your iPhone by making it accept this un-sanctioned firmware. Uploading a custom OS to your iPhone allows you force iTunes to restore your iPhone with third-party applications already installed and unlocked/activated for use with any GSM carrier. That means you can build iPhone OS files that are pre-jailbroken, saving you the time and (minor) hassle of jailbreaking, unlocking, activating and installing third-party applications on your iPhone.

winpwn available to pwn iphones with windows

Grab the winpwn package here. Keep in mind that it’s in beta testing, so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a bug or two. Oh, and check out this tutorial before you dive in (if you can tear yourself away from staring at that too-cute kitty). Better safe than sorry, as they say.

[Via: hackint0sh]

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