Palm and Sprint to start beta testing Palm Treo 800w?

Palm Treo 800w According to some emails sent out to some lucky Palm fans, PalmInfoCenter has found that Palm is planning to start beta testing “an innovative new product.” Beta testers are required to be heavy email and data users with access to WiFi and a current Sprint customer. The next Palm Treo slated to go to bat for Palm is the Palm Treo 800w, and Palm’s been playing up their new Treo for quite some time. The “innovative” product from Palm is most likely the Palm Treo 800w.

From the email:

We have a new opportunity for people in an enterprise environment who want to an innovative device for connectivity from Palm, one of the global leaders in communication. If you are interested in applying, please visit the following link.

(link removed, text detailed below)

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The Palm Beta Test Team

From the website:

Beta Testing Opportunity
The following opportunity is available.

Palm is seeking people to test an innovative new product. This product is focused on seasoned business professionals. People who commute and spend a ton of time working on email and on the phone. This test is for people looking for cutting edge technology and demand constant communication.

Qualified candidates should work in an enterprise level business and have a lot of experience with varied technologies. These people should invest a significant amount of money in their technology and use it daily.

Required Qualifications:
Sprint Subscriber
Bluetooth headphones or car kits
WiFi Router access

Optional Qualifications:
Existing Smartphone Users
Heavy to Medium e-mail users
Heavy phone users
Travel for work with their phone

The confirmation of “WiFi” is great news for anyone following the development of the Palm Treo 800w. Not only will the Windows Mobile-powered Palm Treo 800w be rocking 3G data speeds, but it will apparently be down with some good, old-fashioned WiFi access. Oh, and it looks like the Treo 800w will also be shipping with Windows Mobile 6.1 (with MMS in tow).

The Palm Treo 800w is slated for a mid-2008/Summer 2008 launch.

[Via: PalmInfoCenter]

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