3G iPhone coming to Belgium unlocked?

iPhone coming to BelgiumFollowing previous rumors that indicated that the next-generation iPhone would be made available in Italy without contract or carrier-lock, we’re hearing that the next destination for an unlocked 3G iPhone could be Belgium.

Apple has been open to different business models for its iPhone, and it seems that the company is embracing the notion of offering unlocked versions of its iconic iPhone at premium price-points. Belgian site Astel.be is reporting that Apple is looking to bring the 3G iPhone to Belgium’s three major wireless providers – Proximus, Mobistar and BASE. The carriers are said to be preparing special, iPhone-specific wireless rate plans ahead of the anticipated launch of the next-generation iPhone.

Mobistar is apparently expected to have a two-month exclusivity window on the 3G iPhone, with the remaining Belgian carriers getting the 3G iPhone’s graces by year’s end.

June-ish is the rumored launch window, we’ll keep our ears to the ground on this one.

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • Machiels Andy


    It’s official news now that the IPhone will be sold without simlock in Belgium because it is officially forbidden to sell ‘package deals’.

    The biggest consequence is the price: the Iphone 3G will be sold for 525 euro’s (=830 dollars). No kidding.

  • Daniel Schl.


    just went to Maasmechelen and wanted to apply for an iPhone3G. The shop owner told me it has no SIM lock but is locked for Belgium use only!

    That was a trip wasted!

  • Yigi L.

    Are you sure that the Iphone is compatible with Proximus and BASE?
    I think here in Belgium you can only get an Iphone with mobistar, which I’m not using.

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