Sony Ericsson S500, W580 get new color

Sony Ericsson S500, W580 get new color

Two of the existing Sony Ericsson devices are getting new color options. It’s the S500 model, which is now available in “Steel Silver,” and the S500 in “Velvet Red.” Both phones have a slider form factor and present solid buying decisions in their respective categories.

Once again, there’s no official announcement from the Swedish-Japanese handset maker. In addition, they keep pushing their fancy color names. “Silver” and “Red” would do just fine, don’t you think?

[Via: JampBLOG]

  • tobeng

    snap-crackle-pop-silver and brokenkeys-red

  • Raidium

    Is that a joke or is that really the name of the colors? I hope it’s a joke because I’m laughing! :D

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