Godiva brings online chocolate ordering to your BlackBerry

Godiva BlackBerry applicationChocolates. There’s nothing that a box of chocolates can’t fix. So, to make it easier to order your own box of Godiva chocolates, world-famous chocolate maker Godiva has just announced a new mobile application that allows BlackBerry users to browse and order chocolates from their mobile phone.

The new application integrates with your BlackBerry’s contacts list, giving the user the option to ship their newly purchased chocolates to any address in the list. In less than 30 seconds, you can send a box of chocolates to your significant other and pretend you didn’t forget your anniversary. Or, just satisfy your own craving for some Godiva goodness and order a box to your front door.

To get the new BlackBerry application, just point your BlackBerry to www.godiva.com/mobile and go on your chocolate-loving way.


[Via: I4U News]

  • Eltawil

    is this what the world of mobile is getting to? ordering chocolates from your cellphone? :S
    can we become any more lazy!!

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