Screenshot, details on the new T-Mobile Sidekick Gekko/Aspen

With rumors about T-Mobile’s new Sidekick Gekko/Aspen pointing to a summer release of the not-yet-announced Sidekick handsets, we’d imagine that some of you SK-fans out there are dying to know more. Well, here it is.

First up, we have the next best thing to actual pictures of the device in the wild – screenshots from a prototype device. According to HipTop3, the screenshots were taken from a “Sidekick Gekko/Aspen.” It’s not clear if the Sidekick Gekko and Sidekick Aspen codenames refer to two different devices, two variants of the same device, or a single device. What is clear, however, is that this screenshot, showing a rendering of an unreleased Sidekick, is from a prototype of the new Sidekick Gekko – or Aspen, whatever it’s going to be called.


Sidekick Gekko Style 2 screenshot

Next up, we have some details on the Sidekick Gekko. The Sidekick Gekko is reportedly known internally as the “Style 2,” which makes it highly likely that the Sidekick Gekko will launch as the successor to the recently discontinued Sidekick iD (which was designated the Sidekick “Style”). The “Gekko” name is befitting of a Sidekick that will probably feature swappable face-plates – a la the Sidekick iD – essentially changing its colors.

We also know that the Sidekick Gekko will sport the same display as the current Sidekick LX and will sports a similar feature-set. Just how T-Mobile is going to market a handset with similar features to the Sidekick LX as a lower-end device is unclear. But, if we had to guess, we’d bet that the Sidekick Gekko will be one big sucker.

Stay tuned for the latest on T-Mobile’s new Sidekick offering.

Sidenote: If the Sidekick Gekko turns out to be Sidekick iD successor, could the Sidekick Aspen be the “Fire Red” variant of the Sidekick Slide? We’ll see…

[Via: HipTop3]

  • cassidy

    I have the sidekick LX and now they’re comming out with something better. The whole aim of me getting the LX was to have the best!

    I truly hope this is ONLY a rumour. Or if not I hope the Aspen/gekko will indeed be a DOWNGRADED version of the LX, acting like an ID.

    It truly pisses me of about the speed of technology these days you just can’t keep up!

    Give the LX atleast a year to be on top!

    If the Aspen is indeed better than the LX i’ll be forced to get it!
    Curse technology. šŸ™

  • wfwsdfsdfsdf

    There is always something new coming around the corner. Right now im sticking with my iD because the LX is just a better screen a ittle bit thinner and it has moodlights. Thats pretty much it. In 8 months from the Sidekick Aspen and Gekko they’ll have the Sidekick Limestone or something so whatever you do your really never going to be on top and if you are then its a big waste of money because if the Sidekick Aspen/Gekko do 3G speeds and youtube then yeah you shuld switch. Thats the only reason why not because it Has blue moodlights that light up every 2 seconds when you do something….

  • Yung_T3x

    4get all dis talk bout da new sidekick…..wen is t-mobile gonna make a sidekick dat offers video?

  • Raidium

    Who knows? Lets hope if this one comes out it will offer video. That would probably be the only thing that needs to be added to a sidekick I mean, they are already a very popular device and the popularity will only increase the moment they can play video!

  • chris27

    i am kind of mad about hearing the new sidekick, when the lx just varely came out… technology is becoming to fast to keep up.

    the only way this new sidekick can become better:
    -video camera
    -touch screen

    i have the lx and i am alright about but, it truly needs a video camera…

  • its anthony kidd!!

    If the Sidekick does video then that will make it the new iPhone. I mean thats what the sidekick LX truley needed but yet they decided to make it a toy and blue blue moodlights on it….YAY!!!!???? I mean a faster internet like Wi-Fi would be nice but yet they rely on EDGE. Wtf???? If the Sidekick had a touchscreen that would be a pointless use of the trackball and the D-Pad but still good idea. If it had video recording Wi-Fi internet a touchscreen and you could watch videos on it then thatd be an iPhone but like 20x better. But thatd be expensive. Im talking like 400 500 dollars. Oh well. Lets hope that the sidekick will catch up with features that actually matter.

  • MON@

    Ive had the sidekick 3 for some time now and I must say I am a little dissapointed. I was thinking about getting the LX but i decided to wait around and see whats going to come out in July. I really do need a new phone, but honestly right now I am not happy with Sidekicks. They break so easly. But, we will see if i want to continue to be loyal to sidekicks.The only reason I am staying with t-mobile is because of the sidekick. You neva know maybe i will switch to the IPhone.

  • Bee

    I hope it comes out sooon ! :]
    and have it in purple. :]

  • deuce

    I totally agree with MON@
    I’ve had my sidekick 3 since it came out, i switched over to the iphone, but will be switching over to the new sidekick whenever the hell they decide to release it. For all those who bought the pieces of crap know as the sidekick lx and slide, Sorry that you wasted your money. Next time you’ll do your research.

  • Zack

    Really MON? Ive dropped my 3 numerous times…off my lap onto the concrete curb getting out of the car, off the dining table, on the bathroom floor while on the toilet…and many more times. Ive had this current 3 for over 22 mos. Youd think the thing would be beat?…nope. Of course there’s scratches here & there. Very light ones on the scree… A few knicks on the body, & a couple very small cracks. But considering the impacts this phone has taken, everything works JUST FINE.

    With that said, its obviously not a tank, but the 3 can take some abuse. Reminds me of my old Nextel i95. That thing was on its last legs & STILL kicking. It was later replaced w/ the sk2.

    I too was planning on getting the LX. but I think I’ll hold off til we get some more info on the new sk’s coming out.

    IMHO, the lx is great. Everything the 3 was but better. The screen/resolution alone is enough to upgrade. Video would be awesome, & an absolute bonus to an already great device. But cmon folks, If you want video, get a pda. If you want the KING of AIM, email/text & qwerty typing, the sk leaves all others behind.

  • Deesz An sK FeEn

    i def. agree w/ MON@ & deuce!!! like literally last night i was making plans with my parents on how i was going to get the lx. and i started out with the sk3 in september!! the end of september!! right before the skLX came out. because i couldnt wait for the lx….but anywaysz i learned my lesson and decide to wait cuz my dad said “wait around, a while and they’ll be a new sidekick” and i did apparently, and i checked this morning and holy @### omg!! (hopefully 2) new sidekicks are comming out around my birthday!!!!! woo whoo šŸ˜‰ idk about the “gekko” though, it seemsz sorta kinda childish but hopefully the aspen kicksz ass!!…and if it doesnt i’ll jus get the “gekko”. EITHER WAY PEOPLE!!! THESE TWO NEW SIDEKICKSZ ARE DEF. GOING TO HAVE VIDEO….and in the end, thats wut we all want rigHT? and ppl w/ skLX’s dont bee upset lmao, i heard your shiny toys will be getting an Over the air update anywaysz, which mean u’ll be getting video support for your device…..SO DONT HATE!! lOl

  • CKEN

    OMG good thing i read this cause i was seriously about to go and buy a lx next week. close… So yeah im gonna wait and see what these ones are like, but they better be worth the wait. They better have video cause thats the only reason i hate about sidekicks. They have almost everything i love except video! god… so yeah better give them video cause they know everyone wants it…AND A BETTER CAMERA WOULD BE NICE. but you cant have everything in life….haha

  • volleyball girly

    I have the sidekick LX and it’s a real shame that t-mobile couldnt have made it better than the previous sidekicks. The only way a new sidekick could be better than the LX is if it has touchscreen, it’s able to support youtube, and video.

  • lina

    my contract expires in aug, but tmo lets me pick my new phone two months earlier, and in about six days, i was going to choose my new sidekick. thankfully i didn’t after i read this! hopefully it will be sophisticated instead of downgraded. if it’s just a slightly better version of the ID, i will get mad for waiting so long! my phone now is crappy with a broken keypad, so i can’t even take advantage of my ultd texting.

  • ahrerh

    There is gonna be an update 4 the lx in mid july tht will give it video capture ,better internet ,and better bluetooth the update comes out around the time tony hawks lx comes out

  • Lil Lady

    Wow i’m glad i read this, and all the comments, becausei had always wanted a sidekick lx but we have sprint(which really sucks now) my cousins have had sidekick 3’s and now one of them has a sidekick lx, yeah i love the moodlights, the amazing screen and keyboard, but i was going through it, and no video, i was like, gosh… Hahah. Then again they have all these tabs for gmail msn, and they have aim, takes pictures, and what not. I think thats incredible. I saw the sidekick slide, it’s cute, but my friend has it, and says se regrets it bcuz the screen is so tiny it make everything look long and fat. I’m confused on which one to get actually.. I thought the new sidkicks were going to be like the sidekick LX, looking at the protoype, looks the same, but smoother. How sexy.. Haha.. Isn’t a sidekick ID REALLY horrible phone? like a little toy? I heard it was horrible. So why are they possibly remaking it. What is the point in makeing a “lower graded” or whatever phone. It’s going to be off the market like sidekick 3 then.. Now when u request to get new sidekick 3 i heard sharp doesn’t make it so i sucks.

    I hope this site gets upgraded! I’m waiting til the beg. of august to see if the phones are out, and the sidekick lx is upgraded, then trying them all out, and picking from there.

    Speaking of “iphones” i have an itouch it is amazing, but idk i rather have a sidekick and my itouch, i don’t want everything o none fone, those touch screens i hate it, i love the keyboard idea, people mostly have it because it looks cool and what not. Every time i use my wifi for my itouch it makes me so angry Lol. Screw the “sidekicks should have touch screens” i just think there should be video and be able to go on myspace and watch the videos, thats all. You can’t have everything, making it is complicated enough for them. Be grateful.

  • Lil Lady

    Oh yeah i forgot to say our sprint contract is up at the end of august. so were switching to t-mobile, so i guess I’ll have a whole like 2 months to see what they do to these phones.

  • Liam.

    it better have wifi.

  • Lil Lady

    Lol that’s why u get “unlimited internet(web access)”

  • rob

    u guys r all rong there is no aspen/gekko they r just hard is it to make a theme like buddy works at t-mobile and he said there are no new sidekicks coming out this year. but there is a new sidekick comming out late of 2009.this summer of 2008 there will be a OTA (over the air) update for sidekick lx users.the update will inlude video recording and playback ability, an alarm clock, stereo Bluetooth support, and Bluetooth file transfer support.

  • b’east1000

    Technology iz killin me, yea its bothersome cuz they always commin out w/ more, but @ least its xciting…but as far as these new sidekick gekko/aspen go, im not too impressed. 1st, why would they come out w/ anythin that isn’t better than tha LX. 2nd if that true im not buyin it. 3rd im a bit disappointed w/ sidekicks…I hav an LX, & tha only reason people even buy dem is cuz they have sleek style. Tha feats. suck, im nice keyboard, moodlights, internet, but who is tha LX really on top of…no one…those stupid iphones do so much more, even tho they break easily…seems like t-mobile it eatin evryone else’s dust!!!

  • b’east1000

    Technology iz killin me, yea its bothersome cuz they always commin out w/ more, but @ least its xciting…but as far as these new sidekick gekko/aspen go, im not too impressed. 1st, why would they come out w/ anythin that isn’t better than tha LX. 2nd if that true im not buyin it. 3rd im a bit disappointed w/ sidekicks…I hav an LX, & tha only reason people even buy dem is cuz they have sleek style. Tha feats. suck, im nice keyboard, moodlights, internet, but who is tha LX really on top of…no one…those stupid iphones do so much more, even tho they break easily…seems like t-mobile is eatin evryone else’s dust!!!

  • navaa [=

    I have the sidekick LX and I think its pretty good. I mean yeah it acts slow sometimes but its a really good phonw. I’ve dropped it on the screen so many times and there’s no scratches. So idk why everyones saying they feel bad for people who have sidekick LXs I think there just a little jealous that they couldn’t get it. But whatever. They’ll always be a new phone coming out. Why not get something that suits your lifestyle? Instead of always trying to get the next best thing. And yeah the LX is getting a update. so people should really take the time and think about what they look for in a phone.

  • navaa [=

    I have the sidekick LX and I think its pretty good. I mean yeah it acts slow sometimes but its a really good phone. I’ve dropped it on the screen so many times and there’s no scratches. So idk why everyones saying they feel bad for people who have sidekick LXs I think there just a little jealous that they couldn’t get it. But whatever. They’ll always be a new phone coming out. Why not get something that suits your lifestyle? Instead of always trying to get the next best thing. And yeah the LX is getting a update. so people should really take the time and think about what they look for in a phone.

  • Erin

    Amen to that navaa!Amen to that!lol. I’ve had the sidekick lx for about three months now and I think it rocks. Seeing as how this was my very first lx, I can’t complain too much!Just that I can’t wait for the ota to update so I can watch my beloved youtube vids!I promised myself that I’d never buy another phone after this one, and so far I’ve been sticking with it. It’s really cool and despite the fact that all of these other phones are coming out right around the corner, ask yourself this…WHAT THE HELL ELSE COULD YOU POSSIBLY ADD TO THIS FREAKIN’ THING? So this will be my last…unless they come out with one that’s like…automatic or something…


    Yeah I agree with you guy for the most part. I have an lx it’s my first sidekick and i’m not gonna lie. I fell in love with it the moment I got it. I’ve had my lx for about 8 months and it was probably the best phone I ever had. But once I started to get the hang of it I realized all it’s flaws like video of course,better camera, and you cant even bluetooth anything.*wack*. But I recently fined out there is an update for all lx’s for video and some other stuff. My thing is why didn’t the lx come with video in the first place and everything else it’s missing. I dont about some of you but I paid an everything else price for it.

  • gio

    I have the sidekick lx since it came out in october or in september don’t remember the month but since I had this fone I been in love wit it, and I never dropped it so that’s a good thing. Im not sayin that I have money but maybe I am gonna get maybe the gekko or aspen or maybe both, but if I get one them im still gonna use my sidekick lx because is really kool and all but I really want a sidekick that support video and all and I hope that one of the gekko or aspen will support them.

  • Ally

    Theres only one new sidekick coming out, well from what Ive read there is… and its most probably gonna be called Gecko or Gekko. Its does have video and a 2mp camera and its ‘target buyer’ is teenage females. You’ll be able to make/buy skins off a website forgot the name of it.. It might be t-mobile, not sure. Theres pretty much a daily update on and poweredbydanger forums have some pretty good stuff on it too.

  • ahrerh

    Sidekick lx is getting an update 2 take videos nd play videos tht u dwnloaded 2 ur micro sd

  • step_on_me

    yeaaaa like this is awesome cuz i had a id but ive had it since it came out….
    so like it broke and went all retarded on me

    so i was really excited 2 qet the lx cuz since im so used to a qwery like the sidekicks i need 2 have a sidekick

    so i was qoinq 2 qet the lx but now im just going to wait a week 2 see wat these fones have 2 offer


    and i also feel bad 4 pplz dat got the lx

    they are so tight rite now


  • dayyumtiff

    same here Cken. I was qunna buyy the lx or slide to qo baq to skool. if i didnt read this i would have wastedd myy money.=];youhh never knoe wuts next=.]

  • sherri

    the new sidekick does video!!!!! just thought i’d pass that along…and with the pricetag between 200-250 i think. that’s what the store clerk told me yesterday

  • ahrerh

    The sidekick lx is gettin an update tht will give it video nd stuff nd the screen is bigger it is still gonna b better than the gekko

  • Anonymous

    This sucks! The Sidekick LX JUST came out and now they’re coming out with a new one?

    I honestly think that the Sidekick LX is better than the Gekko/Aspen, but if they have video capturing/mp3/YouTube…

    I think T-Mobile should start thinking about new features IN the phone, not ON it.



  • sIdEKiCKfAN

    ii really think it should b called the gekko, because the name fits with whole ideal of this gadget. its able to change its shells to fit with the consumer personality && fashion statement just as a gecco would change its color to blend in with its environment.ii think its a lil too late to be callin it 2008 mayb with the Lx or the Slide, but before you kno it 2k9 will be here and daii will have 2 make a new model just for that year to keep up. smh. yall got my vote. GEKKO IT SHOULD BE!

  • taylo

    actually the sidekick gekko is NOT a rumor.
    its coming out thursday at a nearby store & im getting it.

  • joseph ortiz

    If I have a tmobile phone already can I trade it for the sidekick gecco because wen I bought the sidekick lx the store worker told me if you have your phone for 6months u could trade it for any phone and you would only have 2 pay the differrence

  • brittany

    I saw the new sidekick. Which came out today. And the tmobile site said it supports videos as well as has a video camera on it. Better than the lx? I think so. It also said the wireless is better than the lx. I’ve got an I’d and it suits me fine. Glad I didn’t buy the lx last week.

  • solo

    im hood with my side kick all it needs video feat & touch screen & sum damn new lights fuk da moonlight da moonlight is good make it change color any color u won’t

  • KingKick

    PPL!! The gecko is gonna be awesome. Like really…it’s like a sidekick iD but like a LX!!!! u get me? this phone is gonna be amazing. U can customize ur own shell, mine is gonna have my name on it! this phone is great and I’m getting it off this week!!!! Sidekicks ROOOOOOOCK. Nd to all who wanna get the iphone….y would u even comment on this page? Screw u guys. SK rox baby!!

  • bronson

    I have a lx and the phone sux.. Im pretty sure the gekko sux too..

  • kyutie

    Ths Gekko is so wats up. I cant wait 4 it to come out asap… looks like its gonna be amazing….probably better than da rest.

  • alex

    I just want to kno witch sidekick is the best???

  • jaz

    I have the LX & its not a bad fone, just think that t-mobile needs to upgrade on the technology v.s. the appearance. . . anyways my cusin in law juss bought the new sk & its pretty kewl. video mp3 youtube & the ability to view who’s online from your contacts! that’s hawt.

  • lil josh

    that new sidekick is raw it is better than the LX and looks better and + you can change the shell it is some like the id but this is better and this phone has music and camera

  • gen

    haha 4 all ya luzers genni has 1 lreadi and its betta then all of da sidekikz its like the slide and opens up like the LX ALSO IT HAS VIDEO SUMTING THAT the regular ones dont have…..I LUB MY NEW SIDEKICK

  • gen


  • Dimplesz

    Gen your an idiot, i have the sidekick lx and got the lx update along time ago, and it has the same abilities as the gekko, bcuz i have the gekko and the lx and the sidekick 3. So no it’s not better than any, it’s only better than the sidekick 3 and the lx is better than the sidekick 3 too. Lmao. So whoever has a lx, don’t waste your money on the lowergraded sidekick, the update make its to where they have the same, video recording, email updates, you can be on ur yahoo msn hotmail tmail.. at once… and watch videos.. and your aim updates aswell..and a few other things. Its super nice =)I”m going to be saling the gekko soon. Because it was pointless to buy >:[ The whole skin thing is pointless aswell wen u can get a custom skin for your lx.. Lmao =(

  • rae

    My mother just ordered this phone today and I cant wait until it arrives here. I dont know the exact name of it. Some people keep saying Sidekick Shell and some say SideKick Aspen/Gekko or whatever, but my mother ordered it today and by the looks of it on the tmobile site, it will be awesome and what I heard and read it does have video recording on it if thats what you mean.

  • rae

    dimplez: so are you saying that the new Sidekick Sell/Aspen/Gekko is the same as the lx, just slimmer?

  • daisey

    yeah d sidekick lx can records to i dont matter if u had ur lx since it came out of if u just got it if u have internet tell send u d new sofwer or wat ever u call that d lx has more cool stuff now

  • jaymack

    Mann I just thought of the most crucial idea a sidekick not with a touch screen but when u flip it a touch keyboard

  • abraaaa-cadaabraaa


    wondering, will thiss phone be coming out in australia at all?
    if oyu could fiiind out, that would be awesome, thankyoouuu !

    also if the american one works in australi, taaah

  • berrychic

    If you buy it in America, and you’ve been a T-mobile customer for 2months or more, you could call their customer service line and request them to unlock the phone. They’d give u a pin, that way it could work with all networks not just restricted to T-mobile.

    If it is opened, it would def work in Australia cos its a tri-band phone.

    Hope this helps :]

  • bori

    people is too worry bout new sk coming out.. i mean wtf relax its only technology. stick with the sk ya have now until ya contract is over and then upgrade!! ya shouldnt by another ya should just save the one ya got because later on in the future these phone ya have now aint going to come out again and the phone is going to be valued!$$$$ stop worring what new sk is coming out SAVEEEEEEE!!! $$$$

  • newyorkbrat

    Yall sidekick lx suxs mine has video and all so maybe sumthing wrong wit yall shit

  • lidayabam

    I have da new sidekick [08] n it has video n its soooo much betta den da LX mad hot!!!

  • elizabeth

    Um I have the sidekick slide is that good? Or should I get the new phone that just came out?

  • AJ

    I really hate touchscreen on sidekick because touchsceen can make screen dirty. I hope new sidekick would be 3g network which more imporant for me.
    I hope new sidekick would have many wonderful thing and at great price

  • stephanie

    Omg!swear this can’t be!!!
    I have the LX and I do love it for being the best there is of sidekicks..and now a new one?

    Tooo soon…

    I just hope this rumor isn’t true…

    Or I will be forced to buy the new one…what a waste of money…


  • lala

    the SidekickLX had at OTA (over the air) update which gives it video recording & playback as well . it currently has all the same features as the Sidekick 2008 , which makes the LX better because it has a bigger screen .

    so for everyone with the 2008 , ew . it’s uglyyy &&. you shoula just stuck to the LX :]

  • matthew

    the gekko is the greenish one i think and the aspin is the black one

  • John

    Yea uhm the lx does have video. You guys just havnt got the upgrade. My upgrade came pretty fast actually. And I love my lx.. šŸ˜€

  • elizabeth

    Well it would b koo if dey put touch screen phone and video like verizon… I have the Lx but if that comes out I would change my phone…

  • kintarri

    yea,i agree i love gadgets,and the lx,but if something better comes along with the same flip action,and video,imma cop that,ya dig!!!

  • iLUvVMK

    Well, i have the sidekick ID and im soo sick of it! im thinking about getting a sidekick lx or a sidekick 2008. Which one is better? And ps.,. there is a new t-mobile phone called the t-mobile google1 or something like that!

    Its a t-mobile cell thats working with google its touch screen and it has a key board! [:

  • 34tuhernkj

    the lx does have video now…and sidekicks are shit anyways, ill never waste my money on one again

  • karina

    this fone is HOT !!!!

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