T-Mobile gets official with 3G 1700Mhz network in New York – UMTS/HSDPA data and voice

T-Mobile 3G network live in New York with dataLast week we saw T-Mobile getting ready for a primetime launch of its long-awaited 3G network on its 1700Mhz AWS spectrum. There were reports that the 3G launch covered voice-only, leaving data-hungry T-Mobile subscribers left wanting for high-speed UMTS/HSDPA data speeds with T-Mobile’s initial 3G launch in New York. Then we got reports from the field that seemingly confirmed that T-Mobile was rolling out its 3G data services alongside its voice services.

Now, to help clear the air of any uncertainty, T-Mobile has finally issued an official press release that puts the kibosh on worries that T-Mobile’s new 3G network won’t be bringing UMTS/HSDPA data to the table. New York will be the first market to be blessed by T-Mobile with higher data speeds that will give T-Mobile customer with compatible 3G phones “faster data speeds when accessing the Web, or downloading content from the T-Mobile t-zones content portal.” The 3G network apparently starts off in UMTS form, with the higher-speed HSDPA upgrade planned for later this year.

Like we said before, T-Mobile’s 3G network will be available in New York initially with other US markets coming online by year’s end.

Full press release on the link.

NEW YORK and BELLEVUE, Wash. May 5, 2008: T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced that the company has taken the first commercial step in the rollout of its third-generation (3G) wireless network by launching its UMTS/HSDPA network in New York City. T-Mobile plans to continue the rollout of its 3G network across major metropolitan markets through the year. By year’s end, T-Mobile expects its high-speed data network will be available in those cities where a majority of its subscribers currently use data services.

The launch of our 3G network comes at a time when 3G phones and services are more affordable, capable and appealing to our consumer marketplace than ever before,said Cole Brodman, chief development officer, T-Mobile USA. “We benefit not only from the economic scale of 3G, but also from the extensive commercial experience of 3G in our European markets. Today, T-Mobile USA customers already have among the highest adoption of data and messaging services in the industry. Through our 3G network, we look forward to delivering a rich portfolio of new and meaningful services to enrich our customers’ lives.”

T-Mobile’s 3G network supports voice and data services consistent with available service and handset offerings. The company today offers multiple phones that are able to operate on the UMTS network. The phones are designed to automatically connect to the best available network (3G or GSM/GPRS/EDGE) to provide the great call quality and rich communication services customers expect from T-Mobile.

Customers using a 3G-capable handset from T-Mobile will also experience faster data speeds when accessing the Web, or downloading content from the T-Mobile t-zones content portal, for example.

In the coming months, T-Mobile plans to offer its first HSDPA device, along with new and compelling data-centric, all-in-one devices that help make the most of T-Mobile’s high-speed data network.

The launch of the 3G network also enables T-Mobile to accommodate and serve more customers more efficiently through the use of its AWS spectrum, effectively doubling T-Mobile USA’s spectrum position, and laying the foundation for the company’s future growth. T-Mobile and the U.S. government, namely the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, continue to work closely and effectively together to make available AWS spectrum that will give consumers access to the 3G network.

As the 3G service rolls out in targeted major markets, T-Mobile will continue to build upon its T-Mobile® otSpot Wi-Fi network, its wireless high-speed Internet offering that launched in 2003, and its nationwide voice and data network, to empower customers to effortlessly stay connected using the best available network.

T-Mobile International is following a common technology path across all of its markets in Europe and the United States, from GSM/GPRS/EDGE to UMTS/HSDPA. T-Mobile USA greatly benefits from T-Mobile International’s 3G experiences in Europe, where adoption of non-messaging mobile data is growing dynamically; and with more than 120 million customers worldwide, T-Mobile International is able to generate significant global procurement synergies.

  • Can you believe its been THREE years almost since this post and NO ONE has posted a comment here? I almost cant believe 6 years ago T-Mobile bought the largest chunk of advanced spectrum in history, and put it to use only 3 years ago… It seems like they have only done it overnight… MY GOD TIME FLIES WITH TMOBILE

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